Zwift on New AppleTV 4K

Apple just announced an AppleTV 4K with an updated chip- now with A12 Bionic instead of A10X Fusion. Any thoughts on whether this will make much of a difference when running Zwift?

And yes I know there are better graphics on other devices but prefer the ease and convenience of using AppleTV with Zwift.

Won’t make any difference on its own, Zwift would need to allow increased performance. However I’m pretty sure the A12 GPU is actually weaker than that in the existing A10X.

Anyway A12 devices were already logged on Zwiftalizer back when benchmarks were being collected:

So that’s a nope.

Does anyone know if the new ATV 4K allows more than 2 bluetooth connections? This would be as important as improving graphics for me.


I don’t see anything about more BT connections, BUT I do see that there is a completely new remote. I wonder if this will improve, or degrade, the present issues.

I don’t believe there were any updates to number of Bluetooth connections allowed. I’ve found the CABLE device from North Pole Engineering to be a pretty easy solution- converts and bundles ANT to Bluetooth.

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I have it (CABLE NORTH POLE) and it works very well, but it is a very expensive solution.

Yours for just $59. :wink:

I will likely buy the new unit when it comes out, as we are looking to do a second set-up in the basement, anyway, so I’ll try to do a compare/contrast after I’ve had a chance to try out the new one. Of course, I tend to be a bit slow, so others may beat me to the punch on that.

Hope you can disable it! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Great news is that the new remote is backwards compatible (and available separately) with the existing 4K and HD boxed.

Hurrah :+1:t2::+1:t2:

So I assume that means we will only get 1080 resolution on the new ATV. That’s disappointing.

Hopefully production updates and a non-mobile system allow for better performance, but I’m not holding my breath.

Well the A12X is better than both old/new Apple TV and…

¯\ (ツ)

The new AppleTV should allow better performance w/the A12X. We won’t know how much until someone purchases one and does some testing. I do not believe using the numbers from the mobile device benchmarks in your screenshot is indicative of the new AppleTV. I forget where, but I remember reading that the A12X(probably others as well) is under clocked on mobile devices (e.g., iPhone, iPad) to maintain decent battery life. With the Apple TV, this is not necessary. That said, I would not expect some massive leap in performance. And as it is, the current AppleTV 4K works great. Guess we’ll know soon enough.

It’s an A12 in the new Apple TV, not an A12X. :slight_smile:

:sweat_smile: Likely overkill, but I was actually hoping for an M1 Apple TV :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The likely more important Apple TV news is the new remote which is backwards compatible and can be purchased separately. We’ll probably have to wait for Zwift to code for it and include it in the next update. Then the remote related threads can be closed :joy:

edit: me personally, I have had zero issues w/the current AppleTV 4K remote while using Zwift YMMV

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My 8th gen iPad with an A12 runs Zwift decently. However just rode in NYC and the frame rate was probably in the teens. Lots of people riding.

Apple claim “the A12 Bionic chip that provides a significant boost in graphics performance, video decoding” for the new Apple TV.

As Lin said, likely clock rates and the fact it’s in a mains-powered box will mean it’ll have better GPU performance than the current unit. I really can’t see Apple releasing a new version that has worse performance.

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All the details I read about the new AppleTV are focused on improved streaming of TV shows/movies and that the new hardware allows faster video decoding and audio processing.

There was nothing about games so I’d have low expections about a big jump in Zwift performance.

It’s primarily a media consumption device, it was already plenty strong enough for that purpose. Hence why it’s got an upgrade to an SoC from 2018 and not one of the other newer, more powerful models that have been released since. Of course they’re going to say it’s a significant boost, they want people to buy it. :wink: We’ll have to see, but there’s literally no evidence at present that Zwift will perform any better on it.