New Apple TV? And a couple of questions

Been seeing reports of a possible new apple tv being released.

Do you all think it will lead to any improvements over the current version? I am still using an old
Imac that is still working but painfully slow at times. I also hear that the current report really sucks for Zwift. Why is that?

The new Apple TV is rumoured to be based around the A12X chip. Whilst this is more powerful than the A10X in the current generation Apple TV 4K, it’s already in the iPad Pro which doesn’t have any better detail or frame rate than the Apple TV 4K in the Zwiftalizer benchmarks archive. Perhaps the presence of a new Apple TV - a very popular device for running Zwift - will mean Zwift enhance the experience on all A12X devices, but at present the evidence doesn’t support this.

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I been using the AppleTV 4K and am pretty happy with the setup (original Kickr). You get 1080 basic profile with 30 FPS (I think Zwift pegged the FPS at 30). The new AppleTV (rumored) will probably be about the same price, but come with much more memory and maybe an A12 processor, or something in that class. Apple has a history of lots of hype leading up to a product launch, followed by lots of head scratching later on. If they are going to be serious about gaming, they will need to increase the GPU power of the AppleTV.

Thanks and appreciate the reponses. I am not in a hurry so might as well wait at this point to see if it does come out this year.

I also think I saw something about a new UI for zwift which hopefully means a better experience on the app and potentially ATV.

Either way still having fun and getting all of the route badges has been interesting.