Apple TV 2022

I wonder if the new Apple TV announced yesterday 18 October 2022 will give us the full shadow effects on an HDTV?
I can only see shadows etc on my Mac computer running Swift currently. My current Apple TV does not show the shadows.
Any ideas?

I suspect not as the profile it will be running will be the same as it’s predecessor so don’t expect ultra or 4k clarity.

I kind of guessed that would be the case. I will most probably keep with my current Apple TV device, and maybe just upgrade the remote to the latest one. Thanks for your response!

See Apple introduces next—gen AppleTV4K

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Further to the thread @Steve_Hammatt linked: No, the new ATV changes nothing.

Someone on Reddit posted this:

Zwift locks its iOS build into the lowest detail level, whether you’re running an A9, A15, or M2 - representing nearly a 10x delta in performance.

That really puts it into perspective - you could have an M2 chip but if you’re on iOS/TVOS: you’re stuck with basic graphics.

Not holding my breath for that to change and there’s little reason to upgrade to the new AppleTV.


Depends on the capabilities of the A15 chipset. I was hoping the 2021 incarnation would give us the A14X but we only got the A12 bionic.

This should give us much better graphics capability. It’s targetted at the Apple Arcade market. If it’s as capable as the M1 and can give us Ultra level performance depends on how it performs under Zwift testing.

As a start I expect it to be better than basic profile, potetntially upto high profile.

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A15 is nowhere near as capable as M1, even using Apple’s own API for benchmarking let alone Zwift. M1 was designated High profile, so expecting the same from the A15 is rather optimistic.

Devices containing the A15 already run Zwift and have done for ages. Here’s how they perform at present:

Now that’s not to say it isn’t capable of more, but people seem to massively overestimate the graphics processing power of these SoCs, at the same time as underestimating how poorly optimised Zwift is.


All iOS devices get max 30 fps. This benchmark is pointless therefore.


It’s not when a lot of people appear to believe that a device will get automatically better graphics than its predecessor just because it’s new.

As I keep saying, this exact conversation happened last time. The 2021 model was new and Apple said it was more powerful, so it could get Ultra on Zwift. Righto.

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The Apple TV 4K version 2 had a better CPU, but the GPU wasn’t better at all. The new Apple TV is better in CPU and GPU power compared to the 2021 version. There is a great potential for better graphics.
You might argue that everyone can buy a dedicated gaming PC. Sure, but why not use the full potential of this little energy efficient device?

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Yeah I mentioned that at the time about the A12 having a weaker GPU than the A10X, didn’t stop people getting excited.

I hope the new Apple TV sees a proper upgrade, but on the basis of existing A15 devices it’ll just be the same as it has for the last year. That’s why I posted that screenshot.

Whenever it’s pointed out that the graphics on Apple TV are literally the lowest possible, the response is always ‘it’s good enough’ and that’s their owners are very happy with it. So it’s a bit of a contradiction for Apple TV users to want an upgrade, given they could have one at any time but specifically choose not to.


Just because the 2021 upgrade was lame, doesn’t mean it’s the same again.

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Like what?

Stop confusing the issue with facts like benchmarks. Evidently it’s completely unreasonable for people to expect better graphics from improved hardware.

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That’s not what I’m saying at all, but as you wish.

I can live without shadows

So can I, but when you see what a decent iMac pc with 5k Apple monitor display does to Zwift, there is no comparison!! Ride on!


It might make your avatar look better but how we look is secondary to an app based on improving fitness.

It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you look playing the game! :rofl:


Honestly I’m more worried about connectivity issues, like stability of Bluetooth connection. And number of devices you can hang at the same time. Is it still two?

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