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Hi ,
I’m currently running an old 2009 iMac for my ‘garage zwift’ set up but the graphics card and maybe os aren’t quite up to it to Keeping up with zwift for a really smooth good picture.
I’m looking at setting up a decent tv ( I do love the iMac for its screen ) , but I’m not sure what I should get to run it .
It will really only be just for zwift ( I have other laptop for work etc )- so I’m thinking a tablet that has output for the tv .
I pretty much just want a better picture .
Any advice on what would be a bare minimum (cost wise) to achieve this ??
It’s a bit of a shame the iMac is so old it appears it can’t be upgraded as it’s still a really good computer for everything else I use it for .


I’m using Apple TV 4k, but then I have a BT trainer; if you’re using ant+, you’d have the typical issue with only so many available BT connections (for powermeter / cadence / heart rate / etc). It’s such a simple setup, very fast startup, very good graphics (not the absolute best available, but very good), and relatively cheap. No keyboard, so if you want to interact with other riders in any way like you could with a keyboard, you have to use the companion app. Or, if you have a recent smartphone, you could experiment with Zwift on your smartphone + dongle + HDMI to TV before you buy something new.

Edit - as per Chris’ post below, certainly don’t buy an iOS device just for zwift ($$$$); but the ATV isn’t really an iOS device (do they call it tvOS ?). Have been using the ATV4k just for zwift daily, often multiple times per day (multiple users), since Apr 3 and have only had a single issue (couldn’t see other riders upon opening a ride in Richmond), but was then advised 1. always to force-quit (swipe up) the app after each use and 2. make sure not to be logged in on multiple devices, and we haven’t encountered any further problems.

No, I do not work for Apple :wink:

I would get a laptop with HDMI out into a TV. Zwift is much more stable on Windows vs iOS.

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