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I’ve done Zwift on time - I like it.  Right now, I’m using my MacBook Pro in front of my bike erg.  But, I’d rather not use a 2k dollar device that might get damaged by sweat or falling off the stand in front of me, or while being transported back and forth.

What is the best bang for the buck platform to use exclusively for Zwift?  I’ve seen reports of people using an Apple TV.  I assume they use that with a smart TV?  Is that the way to go?  I know nothing about Apple TV and we’ve only got one (gasp!) TV in our home so I’d have to get another one.

Apple TV 4K is the best bang for buck. You do not need a smart TV, or a 4K TV. A normal 1080p one is fine. The ‘smarts’ (apps and wifi internet) is what the Apple TV box provides.  The TV needs to have an HDMI connector, and support HDCP if you want to play movies from iTunes, Netflix or HBO.

If you don’t care about playing movies, another option is a cheap computer monitor with an HDMI socket, but you wouldn’t get any sound. I’d look around for a used 1080p TV. One other thing, the Apple TV 4K is not true 4K - the text overlays are, but the gameplay is 1080 with basic graphics (no shadows), so you wouldn’t be missing much by not having a 4K TV.

Mike, thanks for taking the time to post your reply.  Exactly the info that I need.  I’ll buy an Apple TV 4K and a 1080 dumb TV for my setup.

Hi E, Mike’s insight sounds about right! You might also consider a different supported iOS device, like an iPad, if you’re looking for true mobility. 

Here is our list of minimum requirements in case you’re still shopping around for a new device. If you’ve already settled on an Apple TV, here is a neat fan-made guide on using that device with Zwift :slight_smile:

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