Best TV Set Up

I have been using my iPhone for the companion app and my iPad for running zwift. I have a basic treadmill and a smart tracx bike. I am looking to purchase a tv in my home gym which is also used for a personal training studio. What is the best tv and set up to use zwift on a larger screen? Any and all help is much appreciated.

‘Best’ is subjective. If you’re happy with how Zwift looks and performs on your iPad then just buy any 4K television and an Apple TV 4K 32GB. It’s pretty much the same, albeit with the almost universally hated remote and a limitation on Bluetooth connections.

If you want a far better experience (too many reasons to mention) then a PC with dedicated graphics card is required, which costs more and takes more thought because it’s easy to waste money on parts that either aren’t strong enough or are overkill. Zwift’s requirements are pretty odd compared to other games. It’s not too complicated, but many people prefer the simplicity of the Apple TV.

Hope this helps.

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Best TV? For me it was the cheapest 40” full HD TV I could find, which turned out to be a JVC from CurrysPCW. Run it From an AppleTV with the Companion app running on my iPad. All works well, the AppleTV app is a bit of a faff but I don’t need to use it once I’m riding. AppleTV limits you to two Bluetooth devices, which for me means my Tacx Flux and my heart rate strap. Means I can’t use a separate cadence sensor and the Flux one is a bit random but it’s not a big issue. Certainly a lot easier than setting up a PC and TV.

As I was saying… :wink: A properly set up PC is no more complicated or harder, but most people just don’t want to know.

Thank you Dave! I had read about the Apple TV remote. I rather not involve a PC computer. Thanks for the advice!

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Thanks. So am I reading these suggestion correctly in that I need two TVs or a TV and a PC?


Just one TV. The Apple TV 4K is a separate device, a small media box that you plug into the TV with an HDMI cable.

Thanks for the clarification! I have no tech knowledge. LOL!

I disagree on that.