What computer should I buy to Zwift?

So i am about to set up Zwift. I know there are several ways to set it up.
But all take a investment.
So my question is… Would it just be better to go the Apple 4k TV route? or is there a better way?
I really look forward to everyone’s input etc.
Thanks in advance

HI i use a TabS6 with HDMI into my tv never have any drop outs and as long as you have good wifi connection there is no issues

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Be prepared for 487 different answers! :slight_smile: Naturally, this answer starts with: ‘Depends.’

What is your space like? is it a permanent setup?

eg: Apple TV is great if you have a good TV already, and don’t want a lot of extra clutter and faff to get going. TV + AppleTV + Zwift app / subscription + Bluetooth sensors = functional

Will you have the Ultra Mega 144fps graphics? No. If you want that, Apple TV (even the 4k one) won’t get you there.

If you want your setup to serve multi-purpose (like me: PC for work, play, and Zwift) then go with a good laptop or desktop. but there is extra cost of course!

If your pain cave is literally a tiny cave, with not much room etc. perhaps an iPad and floor or handlebar mounted holder for the iPad.

I could go on and on! :slight_smile: I’m sure others will add their thoughts for you. Welcome, have fun, and Ride On

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Brett nailed it. “It depends” is the answer.

While I also would love a big screen in front of me (BTW, how do you interact with that?!) I went for a smart trainer, propped and old MTB on there, with an iPad popped onto a nearby cupboard, causing some neck pain in the long run, because it’s standing to the right of me! Oh, and my phone runs Companion on the cupboard next to it. Water bottle(s) on a chair next to the bike…

For running I pop the same iPad onto the treadmill control screen in front of me, phone in the one bottle holder!

Perfect? No. But it works (well enough) for me.

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Define “better”…

My better is avoiding BT as much as possible…So I use a laptop and Ant+ to connect. I occasionally use the ATV 4K when it is 105 outside (Texas) as I typically setup in the garage. But this summer I am going to use my laptop to my OLED 4K via HDMI and stay on Ant+.

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My nickel opinion, stay away from ATV. I’m about ready to use mine as a hockey puck right now. Apple did something with the iOS back in October that even with the most recent update people are still getting BlueTooth connection drops and trainer resistance latency. Listen to @chris_benten1 he is right on the money.

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I like having a key board in front of my bike but below the handlebars.
I have a stool that straddles my front wheel and my laptop sits on that.
I have an HDMI cable to a 32 inch TV.

The weak link in my system is the Laptop.
A desktop would be more expandable and run cooler.
My system works so that means I probably wont change until it doesn’t work.
I think Windows 10 is the way to go but there have been problems with newer integrated graphics drivers.
Maybe staying a little older is more reliable and less expensive.
it also DEPENDS on what quality of graphics you’re willing to live with.
My system:
Kinetic Road Machine with InRide 3 connected via Ant+ to i3 7100U with 12 GB RAM running Windows 10 and HDMI cable to 32 in TV.

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I bought a used gaming computer with advanced graphics. Perfect.


Where is @Dave_ZPCMR when he is needed? :smiley:

That only applies to Saris H3 trainers though. Unfortunately there seems to be some sort of incompatibility going on there.

No-one else with other trainers is reporting BT issues with ATV.


You should get a Haswell-i5 (a i3 is still OK) with 8GB (or more) RAM, a small SSD and a Nvidia GTX960/970 or 1060 for under $200 on your favourite second hand platform.
Then get the Anself ANT+ Stick with an extension cable, and you’ll have a rock solid zwift rig.