Advice for projector setup (on a budget)

Hi all, for anyone using a projector rather than a TV/monitor for their Zwift setup, just wondering whether I can improve the resolution by connecting HDMI to my iPad rather than using Airplay. My (cheap) projector has both options but I’m reluctant to shell out for the iPad AV adapter and do HDMI if the image quality isn’t going to be much better than the Airplay quality. I suspect it will be, but curious about others’ projector experiences. It’s decent now with Airplay, but not super crisp, even when the room is dark. I believe the projector’s rating is 7000 lumens. Thanks!

What’s the brand and model of projector? That’ll tell us if it supports higher resolutions - many don’t.

Thanks, it claims to be 1080P and HD with “4K supported.” That’s all the info I can find…

Without the model number we can’t be sure but whenever I see specs like that, it usually means it’s “natively 1080p” but will still accept 4K inputs. I suspect you’re not going to see much improvement in the image quality.

Apple tends to have a flexible return policy if you’re unsatisfied with one of their products. You might try the adaptor and simply return it if you don’t get the result you want.

Yeah, I think that’s my best bet. My issue is mainly just reading others’ watts/speed and workout segments since those numbers are so small anyway, even when projected to 50" …Text just seem kind of grainy when projected using airplay. Will give HDMI a shot and probably just cave and get a second TV!

It should be a lot less laggy with a direct AV connection rather than wireless streaming, but it probably won’t look any different. The game itself certainly won’t.