Recommended way to broadcast

Hello. I’m new. Just got a kickr. Looking for recommendations on how to broadcast to a 40” TV. I have an iPad. However I need to buy a new laptop so if I should consider this option if it’s a big difference.
Unless 4K is a killer upgrade I’m fine without it.
Thanks for any help!

If you have an Apple TV, you can use Airplay. Otherwise, you can get the iPad to HDMI dongle and connect your iPad to the TV.

Apple TV 4K is really awesome! Cheaper than a new laptop as well. Probably the best overall value and perhaps the cheapest way to get Zwifting if you are starting from scratch. I don’t know if it is a “killer upgrade” but it works nicely. I prefer it over both my MacBook Pro and iPhone. iPhone screen works but is tiny. iPhone to HDMI on big screen is nice, but then I cannot use the Companion app.