iOS App: Make use of full screen external Displays with iPad

Hey all,
This has been posted before, but it would be great if the iPad-Zwift app would use the whole of a HDMI-connected 16:9 Display. I have not tested it myself, but I read that the iPhone-App does that - so I guess it could be possible from the iPad as well.

Thanks for reconsidering this!


This does seem a quick fix and a bit annoying when the iphone does handle the display properly

Hey, I’m experiencing this as well. Is there any fix yet?

Have not tested it for a while, but no fix as far as I know. Hey Zwift, I guess this is super low priority, but it would still be great to have! Thanks!

I think it’s a. Apple thing. Not Zwift

No, it‘s definitely possible to support in an app. You basically have to detect wether you are running on an external display, which aspect ratio said display has and then adjust your app accordingly. Many apps to this, Keynote, Netflix, Blink etc.

(Again, I have not tested this in a long time, have a different setup now, maybe it was fixed in the meantime).


I’ve been running an iPad pro with hdmi output to my home theater processor to a 65’ screen. Still doesn’t supportv16:9 which definitely sucks

Would definitely love to have this feature implemented. The Apple A12, A12Z, and A14 chipsets used in the current iPhone and iPad lineup should outperform the GPU and CPU processing power of the A10X featured in the Apple TV 4k. I don’t see any technical reason why we can’t output the same resolutions as an Apple TV 4k to an external display.