iPad Pro 2018 Full screen support

(Pete) #1

On App Store version history v1.0.31648 it mentions full screen support for the iPad Pro 2018.
I assumed this meant external screen via the usb c port but I’m still getting borders on tv.
Am I doing something wrong?
As to shadows etc. There appears to be no improvement over the Apple TV 4K, which is a shame as this model has much more power.

2018 iPad Pro 12.9 Aspect Ratio
(Vincent) #2

Looking into this Pete, but have you tried toggling with the settings on your monitor?

(Pete) #3

Not sure what you mean by toggling the monitor settings. Zoom?, would just expand.
I have checked the display settings in the iPad. The monitor version gets a full raster with image centred in between black bars the same as the old lightning connection of iPad 4x3 format.

(Sungwoo) #4

Me either.

I tried to connect a Samsung Full HD curved 32" display with my new iPad Pro 11" using an expensive Apple HDMI cable.

It only shows the part of the display…

Fortunately, with my Apple TV, there has been no problem.

(Jim) #5

Any update on this Vincent?