Zwift on tv aspect ratio

Hello I’m currently running Zwift through an iPad connected to a tv via an apple lightning to hdmi and the picture doesn’t fill th whole screen . I’ve tried the various tv(Panasonic)aspect ratio settings and none give a full screen picture . Wondering if this is normal or am I missing something . Cheers

Hi Warren,

I’m wondering if your iPad’s default aspect ratio is incompatible with the available aspect ratio settings for your TV. I’ve used the Lightning Digital AV Adapter (Lightning to HDMI) many times with an iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and an iPhone XR but I’ve never tested it with an iPad. However, each time I’ve used the Lightning Digital AV Adapter with the iPhone, all the apps always encapsulate the full screen on my TV. I’ve tried it with an LG TV and a few other lesser-known TV brands without issue.

  1. What model iPad are you using? Zwift supports the iPad Air or higher, iPad Pro, and iPad Mini 2 or higher.
  2. Can you post a picture/screenshot as an example?

Perhaps I’ll bring my Lightning Digital AV Adapter to the office tomorrow and test it with the iPad 5 we have here; we’ll see if I can replicate the issue.

Here are a few things you can check on your iPad:

  • Make sure your iPad is up to date with the latest iOS version.
  • Are you using Apple’s official Lightning to HDMI adapter? If not, try using the Apple brand version of the Lightning Digital AV Adapter. I’ve tried using aftermarket, off-brand versions of the adapter but they’ve never quite worked right for me. The official Apple product seems to work best.
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Hi Steven I’m using an iPad Pro and it’s aspect ratio is 4:3 I think this is why I’m not getting a full screen I’ve since tried my iPhone max with the apple hdmi adapter and have had no issues with the ratio . Thanks for your quick response

Same for me - 4:3 since the the very first beginning… I also use an IPad Pro with the original Apple HDMI/Lightning adapter. It‘s has to be a Zwift coding problem because the picture is entlarged if you use streaming platforms.

Could somebody be so kind and link this topic with the „feature request“ thread!? It would be really nice if in future the iOS app will use the “now playing on TV” feature for full frame width on a TV with an iPAD (4:3) as the source! Thanks!

Is this fixed or available now ? I’ve also just switched to an iPad Pro from my iMac and its a shame not to see full screen on the TV.