Zwift on Ipad not turning to fullscreen on TV

Hi Zwifters,

It is discussed multiple times in the past, but not recently. Maybe things have changed that I don’t know…

It would be very cool if Zwift on the Apple Ipad turns fullscreen when connected to a tv (via Airplay or HDMI). It seems like the app on the Ipad stays in the same resolution, which is 4:3 I guess. Other apps like Netflix and YouTube do change in resolution when connected to a TV. Zwift becomes square when connecting it to a TV. I don’t have this issue when connecting my iphone to the TV (with Zwift in landscape mode). So it is probably an issue with the Ipad settings of the Zwift app.

Do you know whether Zwift is working on this feature? Or how do you deal with this?

(Please don’t mind my grammar/ English…)

I know this sounds weird, but the same thing happens (I’m using iPad Mini4 w VGA/Lightning adapter) to me, but I noticed it only happens when the iPad’s home button is on the left, but when I rotate it so the home button is on the right (I also disconnect and reconnect the adapter) it gives full width screen. Try it, maybe it will work for you.

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@RoryS_CATRIKE think you are lucky with your Ipad:). Tried it and doesn’t work for me.

I would think it works on an iPad Mini 4 because you have a widescreen aspect ratio, whereas the big iPad Pros (12.9”) are in a 4:3 aspect ratio (hence the letterboxing).

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