Ipad to TV via cable?

Hi All
New Zwifter alert!

I just wondered whats peoples experience was of connecting an Ipad via a lightening cable to HDMI adapter were? I tried to put a link to one but it won’t let me!

Reviews often say that its no good for Netflix etc… but can’t see any reference to Swift.


works fine with a lighting to HDMI adaptor - however you get a 4:3 ratio picture - so will have black bars down both sides of your screen.

cheers Richard

Sucks doesnt it, wonder if anyone, zwift or apple will ever fix this

Hi Marc

I connect my iPad Pro via a USB-C to HDMI adapter (to a projector) which works and is also in 4:3 format. Interestingly though, when we swap to my husband’s iPhone 11 and use a lightening to HDMI adapter, the output is noticeably different showing as a wider full screen 16:9 picture.