iPad to TV via HDMI

This topic looks to have been addressed to a degree, but I am looking for more current and specific information. I would prefer to run Zwift from my iPad rather than my computer, just takes up less room and boots much faster. My TV is just a monitor so I can’t use wireless, I need a physical connection. There are a number of HDMI to Lightening converters, but there are restrictions on many of them. All I want to do is to run Zwift. Can someone recommend a converter? One reason I ask is that Apple’s converter is ~$50, but knock-offs are more like $10-15.

Thanks in advance.


Many of the knock offs are complete rubbish. If you want to take a chance on one of the cheap ones, make sure it’s returnable. The Apple one is solid.

Thanks, I thought that might be the case.

I’ve got one of the knockoffs that splits… One port for charger, one for HDMI (to monitor in my case) and of course the port which goes into the iPad

I’ve found once it’s plugged in, recognized and working then don’t unplug it… It gets a little sketchy

It works fine for me since it’s a dedicated set up… It works and I don’t touch it