iPhone to HDMI

Hi guys does anyone know if you connect your IPhone or IPad to a smart Tv with a lighting to HDMI cable I’ll be able to get Zwift happening on the tv? I want to get a bigger screen going instead of using an iPad? Will it mirror from the iPhone and or iPad on to the tv through a lighting to HDMI cable? Thanks Zwifters :+1:

Use Apple’s official adaptor and, yes. You may end up with an odd aspect ratio but Apple’s return policy on parts would entitle you to return it if it didn’t work out.

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Thanks but I’m not sure what you mean by an odd aspect ratio? Thanks

It means you might lose the edges of the screen etc… Your tv may have an overscan setting to combat this though.

It’ll be perfectly useable either way.


Yes. I connect my iPhone to a simple monitor using a lightning/HDMI cable to run Zwift when I’m trying to watch something else on my AppleTV. By turning down the brightness on my phone, I get close to two hours of Zwift time. If you need more charge, you can put your phone on a charging pad.

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This is what I do using my iPhone and it works great!

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Yes did that for a year or so until I bough the 2021 Apple TV box on an Amazon Deal, it allows charging while using the HDMI