Apple TV apps are now allowed to be up 4 GB of size. Time for Zwift to enter my box!

(Elmar Heutelbach) #1

Please make it available on the apple TV.

(Bob McGee [TFC] (D)) #2

Yes! Yes! Yes! A thousand times, YES!


In all seriousness, if Zwift works well on the latest gen AppleTV (I beleive the newest 4th gen are 3D accelerated, if I am not mistaken) then to have a $150 box that connects DIRECTLY to your HiDef TV without clumsy dongles, would be OUSTANDING!  


In fact, I could see this scneario being “The killer app” and selling a TON of subscriptions to Zwift as well as a TON of AppleTV’s.


Do it!!! 

(Nathan Fitzgerald) #3

Love this suggestion. The lightning to HDMI converter that Apple sells is actually a small computer that does H264 conversion to HDMI on-the-fly because iOS cannot output native HDMI from the lightning port. The tiny computer in the dongle is prone to failure, overheating, etc… Go read reviews, it’s pretty bad. In addition to that, the video quality is pretty poor because of the conversion. Finally, it’s $50 for the adapter. You’re about 1/3 of the price of an Apple TV which does way more, much more reliably

Airplay, the other alternative has been choppy in my testing.

(Stephen Calvert) #4

I would think having a native Apple TV app would eliminate any need for dongles.  all would be BT

(Nathan Fitzgerald) #5

Yes, completely. It for sure supports BT.