Apple TV HD (4th generation) Bluetooth / Zwift / Saris H2 Hammer - Poorly Done

I’m running an H2 Hammer (Saris) with Bluetooth connectivity, Apple TV HD 4th Gen, 32 GB - just purchased in Oct 2022 and downloaded Zwift app.

Bottom line: Nothing works.
App crashes - won’t even open.
Apple TV and H2 connection via Bluetooth? - Nope.
What a waste of time and money.
Was looking for a budget solution to run Zwift on and Apple TV HD 4th gen is said to work by Zwift.
Cost: $176.00 and no refund from Apple after 14 days.

Solution - Installed Zwift on my Windows 10 ThinkPadX1 laptop - $1,500.00
Bluetooth connection - works between H2 and laptop and Wahoo HR ticker.
Zwift program runs - no issues.

Dear Zwift - please do not promote any hardware or software that tends to have so many glitches when using your program. Only promote what works. Stick to a narrow path of partners that work together.

Hope this helps others when making decisions on a full indoor training system.

There was a critical bug for Apple TV HD introduced in Zwift 1.30.0 that sounds like what you experienced. A fix was released in 1.30.1 in late October. I recommend reinstalling Zwift on your Apple TV, or verify that you’re on 1.30.1.

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Curious where you heard that Apple TV was the best budget solution for Zwift?

Don’t get me started Michael.


There is nothing wrong with an Apple TV, but I had a lot of connectivity issues with my Saris M2. Recently switched to a Tacx Neo 2T and guess what,…… connection issues are history.

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sorry mum


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I’m all ears for an alternate solution.
This setup was brought to me by my brother-in-law who said it worked flawlessly.

Thanks Alex. I’m glad to hear your dreary days of lost connections are over.
I’ll check out the Tacx trainer.

Check this recent post out from Dave, our resident PC expert who regularly builds systems for around the same price as an Apple TV. Sounds like you also use Windows, so this should be better solution for you, and tell your Brother-in-law to buy the Apple TV off you for giving you bad advice :laughing:

Did you check to be sure you are on the latest version of Zwift? As mentioned earlier, there was a bug that was recently squashed.