Saris H3 not working on Apple TV (April 2020)

Anyone else having problems on Apple TV since last Zwift update? I am using a new Saris H3 and Apple TV over Bluetooth. It has been three weeks of terrible performance. It’s unusable. ERG mode won’t work correctly in workouts and the resistance does not match terrain while general riding.

This is a known issue, Zwift HQ is aware and working on it. Creating multiple threads on the topic isn’t helpful, please stick to one thread. Thank you.


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Shuji at Zwift HQ here, thanks for the report. I see that you’ve been using an iPad and a MacBook Pro recently. Any issues on those platforms, or is it just the ATV?

It was my wife’s account this morning. She was using the apple tv. I think the problems have only been with the apple tv. We haven’t used the MacBook for a long time. As for the iPad I don’t know if we have used except for once in the last month. Her trainer and/or zwift account seem to have many more problems than mine. Thanks for the reply, its nice knowing Zwift is looking into it. I was unable to open a ticket multiple times this morning.

This worries me. I have a Saris M2 getting delivered today. :frowning:

Hi shooj this happened to my account this week and a week ago Friday. Apple TV Bluetooth to the H3. Thanks for looking into it. The support window still won’t work for us on the zwift website. Can you look at the log and see what happened?

Don’t let it concern you. I have had a H3 since November and haven’t seen this problem before. In fact, it usually is super fast on gradient changes. The Saris/Hammer trainers are know for their quick reactions. I had this problem for the first time this past Thursday running on an Apple TV 4K. It happened again this AM.

I feel like I should comment back on this. We have not had any issues the last week or so. We have always connected the H3 to the ATV along with ticks HRM. We are still doing that. I restarted ATVm unplugged the H3, and removed and redownloaded the Zwift app. Maybe that did the trick. I did make sure the BLE controllable device switch was turned off in the companion app. I don’t know if that would make a difference or not. I also have not been using the companion app recently. I never connected devices through it but I’m not using it all lately. Hopefully the gradient and resistance issues are a thing of the past.

I am new to Zwift and just got a new Saris H3 that I use via bluetooth apple 4k tv. I have been using for a little over a week and put 110 miles on so far. I have a few issues that keep coming up from time to time. One I have never been able to do the spin down calibration on Zwift always have to use my Saris App. It has me get to 23mph and says to keep pedaling but I crash (physically) before it ever has me stop and spin down.

Bigger issue is at times I will be going up a 6% hill and it is easy and other times I am going downhill and it is very hard. There does not seem to be any pattern to when it happens. At times I will ride 20 miles without an issue other rides it seems nonstop.

Any thoughts or advise???


I just got a new Saris H3 and just tried Zwift a couple times (running on a galaxy S8). The resistance is much to high when riding - I can only grind at 60rpm on flats in my easiest gear and even that requires close to 200W. I tried a workout in erg mode and similar problems - I could only grind slowly and the resistance did
Trainerroad in erg mode is fine so I think it is zwift not the trainer. How to I get Zwift to provide reasonable resistance?
I know about the difficulty setting slider but I think that just changes hills, I need flats to have an easier resistance.


Hi @Scott_Sampson_ICC, welcome to the forums.

Have you updated the firmware on the trainer since getting it and calibrated it? Also, how are you connecting to Zwift, bluetooth or ant+?

@Gerrie_Delport, any other ideas for Scott?


As Mike suggested, Do a firmware update using the Saris app. Then do a calibration.

Check you FTP that determine your Power targets in workouts.

Yes I used the Saris app to update firmware and calibrate and that fixed it, thanks for the help!

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Mike, I too have had some weird resistance lately on some of my rides (last ride felt like ERG mode).

I checked my firmware and it is up to date. I use the Rouvy app, but also checked Saris app as well. I typically calibrate in Rouvy before each ride. My current Values on the Sensor Detail page is always the same or very close. This has been consistent for over a year, with the same readings currently.

Other things I have done:

  1. Uninstall and Reinstall Zwift app on AppleTV
  2. Uninstall and Reinstall Zwift app on iPhone
  3. Uninstall and Reinstall Zwift Companion app on iPhone
  4. Power Downed Magnus II and powered back up after 5 min

Connection to Zwift is Bluetooth to AppleTV. Occasionally I’ll connect Magnus II to my Fenix 6 via ANT+ at same time. I’ve done this off and on over the last year with no issue.

Lastly, during one of my rides after a Zwift update, there were a few riders commenting during a Group Ride with same type of issues. I wasn’t having this issue at that time, but did notice it later. This is starting to happen a bit more regularly and I’ve had to quit the app and sign back in.


Do you power cycle the ATV after each ride and force close the app?

I do not. Is that necessary each time? Seems a bit tedious.

I did find where one can go to the SARIS app and select Advanced Firmware Options in the About tab. I haven’t done this yet, but will try tomorrow and see if there is any change. I’ll report back after a few rides. I don’t think 1 ride will be a good test.

Thanks, Phil

Yes, but it has solved a lot of problems with other users.

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Random idea but maybe the trainer was still getting some resistance value from rouvy as well. If it’s an atv hd or atv 4K you should properly close apps (the swipe up thing) not just switch apps.

But there seems to be an abundance of posts on here about saris so maybe they are just fiddly with zwift. Or maybe they are just really popular.

Hey everyone, great news! We’ve verified the fixes for resistance on Saris H3 on Apple TV and Android! The fix will roll out in the next game update.

When is that? That fix is one of several being QA tested and rolled up before we push it out some time next week. Thank you all for your patience.



For the past week or so I’m not getting any resistance control from Zwift on my Saris H3. Does this post means I can expect this fixed sometime next week?

Thank you,