Apple Tv and Saris H3 bugs

I know last winter there were several posts talking about bugs with Saris H3 and Apple Tv. I’m thinking of upgrading my trainer and just wondering if those bugs have been fixed. Really like the idea of buying a trainer made in US. Currently use an older Cycleops which has been good.

I don’t have ATV but I have not seen a lot of issues apart from not being able to calibrate over bluetooth.

I use the H3 on windows with ANT+ and it is awesome.

Thanks Gerrie. I switched to ATV because of problems using ANT+. I’m now convinced that the culprit was the laptop I was using. ATV has been great for me. I had to shut off the bluetooth on all devices but my phone before I could calibrate on ATV with my cycleops trainer.

We used to get a lot of posts on this subject. And then, suddenly, nothing at all. I can’t remember seeing a post on this for months and months.

Thanks Steve

My Apple TV 4th Gen (not 4k) with my Saris H3 has been fairly stable for some months now. Of course now that I’ve said it, I’ll start having dropouts again. :upside_down_face:

I do make an effort to shut down Bluetooth on most other nearby devices to keep them from stealing connections. Only my iPhone with Zwift Companion, Apple Watch or Wahoo Tickr for heart rate, and a headphone transmitter are active with the Saris and ATV.

I also have the Apple TV connected with a wired Ethernet cable into the router.

Try with out that. They are usually the culprit.

I also connect via ethernet from router.


No problem with the Avantree Oasis Plus connected to my Shokz headset. It was when they were paired to the iPhone, or iPad that I kept having issues. The transmitter is actually connected to a separate music system not part of the Apple/Saris integrations.

It doesn’t need to be connected to the phone or system. The Bluetooth Waves goes all over the place.