Apple4K TV and Zwift stall-stop

Apple 4K TV… latest update. Remote @75%power or better

Saris H3 Trainer

iPhone 12 running companion app

Two days in a row at random times , an icon flashes
On my screen, “connection to Apple remote lost”

Bike pulls off to the side and stops even though I’m still peddling.

Within 10 seconds , Apple remote connected.

No matter how fast I peddle, virtual bike does not move.

Hit the menu key, check pairing , trainer is seen, no wattage. Try repairing , nothing changes…

Unplug Saris, wait 30 seconds , it takes a bit but will repair with trainer. Peddle, nada…

End the ride, save start a new ride, everything works.

Bit of a bummer when 75% of the way through a route and it dies like this. Anyone else experienced this? Suggestions on a fix?

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AppleTV can support only 3 bluetooth connections. Remote uses one of them.

Is it possible that your trainer (+ possibly heart rate monitor) is trying to use more than 2 bluetooth connections?

If you use different devices for power/speed, cadence, and controllable, this would total to 3. Too much for Apple.

Hi Andrei,

All three readings come from the trainer. Use my Suunto watch for heart rate. Power/speed/cadence from the H3.

Been running this setup for 2 weeks and it just started happening last night :unamused:

I would say that something is interfering with your ATV Bluetooth connections. Your ATV remote is Bluetooth and that dropped out as well.
I would do a force close of all your background apps on your ATV then do a restart of your ATV under settings->restart and think about anything new in your area that could be interfering. Lots of things use 2.4GHz.
If this happens again you’ll need to stop your ride, force close the Zwift app and relaunch to get it to repair. Also check out your trainer led. Blinking green means it’s looking for a device to connect to and solid blue means it’s paired. See what it does when your ATV loses its BT.

Others with the Saris H3 have reported the same problem. I personally think it’s the H3 causing the Apple TV Bluetooth stack to crash. Everyone with similar problems on Apple TV is using an H3.

See Saris H3, ATV Bluetooth dropout

Hi Bob,

Cleared all apps running on ATV, did a signal scan. All my kit is on 5gig. Power cycled the ATV, got a 17km run in tonight, no issues . Will try 30 tomorrow and see what happens.



Hi Steve,

Isn’t that interesting. Will open a support ticket with Saris tomorrow. Thank you for the heads up.