Saris H3 loss of Bluetooth Connection Avatar stops moving

Hi There, I am desperatly in need of some help.

All was working well until the last 2 weeks. My Saris is less then 2 months old and I have not moved it since it’s been set-up.

My set-up Saris H3 with an ipad for Zwift, iphone for companion, Garmin chest heart monitor. I am in ERG mode on my Saris

In the last 2 weeks, my Avatar during meet-ups or events stops pedaling even if I am still pedaling on my bike. All my tools are in very close proximity so it’s hard to explain what is going on. I’ve been told that when the Avatar stops moving it’s a loss of connection (Bluetooth) with our devices. I’ve tried to “pair” during the meet-up to finish the event and the ipad doesn’t see the trainer at all.

Here is what I have done so far for trouble shooting:

-Updated firmware of Saris H3 and recalibrated : CHECK
-Updated Ipad & Re-installed Zwift application: CHECK
-Updated Iphone & Re-installed Companion application: Check
------Tested this updated set-up: TEST FAILED

Test #2 : Used a more recent Ipad: TEST FAILED

Test #3 :Apple TV 4G (brand new) and tested with Companion for pairing of the devices : TEST FAILED

I will be testing later this morning Apple TV 4G paired directly to the trainer and my heart monitor.

I have talked with many local people that seem to not be having any Saris H3 issues with using Apple products, so I am now wondering if I have a trainer problem or if it’s a Zwift problem since the most recent upgrade of Zwift. Any guidance or idea to help me trouble shoot this would be appreciated.

After updating the H3 via iPad and then calibrating, did you disconnect the H3?
If not, do so.
Reconnect via the Zwift app for Power Source and Controllable. Since using BT you will need to use the H3 for cadence and speed.

All I got as I typically use a PC laptop via Ant+. On rare occasions I use the ATV 4K and have no issues switching to BT.

This same issue has happened to one of our H3 trainers in the last couple weeks. This same thing and an occasional drop of ERG mode.

Have a look in Support forum: plenty of people with your same problem.

I have it as well, so far no acknowledgement or feedback to support tickets (I have opened one about 10 days ago).

No issue with other apps, so it seems to be a Zwift issue after last iOS 14.2 update, as it wasn’t happening before.

Anyway, if you want more infos I suggest you check the bug & support forum: there are 2 or 3 threads there with tens of posts with pretty much the same issue.