iPad - saris H3 issue

My iPad doesn’t seem to control my saris h3 properly. The resistance seems either inverted (more resistance riding down hill than uphill), delayed or random… I’ve given up and used my laptop instead. My laptop is a bit old so although Zwift works I have to keep it plugged in and it sounds like it’s about to take off… so I would like to use my iPad…

I’ve tried reinstalling the app, wiping and reinstalling everything on my iPad, including resetting network settings.

Has anyone else had these issues? It’s an iPad air from last year and everything is up to date.

I am having the same issue. Super fast on the climbs and slows me down on the flats or down hills. Seems like once I keep a steady pace with no slowing it stay up. But then I get booted from meetup because it say my calibration is off or I must be a pro.
I calibrated like people have been saying.

I managed to fix this in mine, it turns out my iPad couldn’t cope with zwift and Spotify over Bluetooth headphones at the same time. I now use Spotify on my iPhone and it’s been fine. Hope this helps.