Saris H3 not working in SIM mode

I’m using a Saris H3, Macbook Pro (Big Sur) and Bluetooth.

I’m, not sure which update pinged me because I’ve been off Zwift for a few months but I came back a week a go, did an update and now the Saris isn’t working. The resistance is way off, sometimes so hard that you can only pedal at 60rpm at 600w and totally misaligned with the map (hard on downhills, weird resistance spikes in flat sections, etc…).

It’s such that the game is unusable unless I turn my trainer difficulty setting off and run the game in erg mode only. Sim mode is kaput.

Who else is having this issue and what can I do about it?

I have already:
*Forgotten all the other bluetooth devices
*Deleted and reloaded Zwift
*Reset my trainer my disconnecting from Macbook and reconnecting
*Calibrated my trainer
*Updated the firmware in my trainer

I have already tried to go through support BTW.

Suggestion 1 from Zwift: Have you done an FTP test?
Suggestion 2 from Zwift: Have you calibrated your trainer?

See long thread entitled “Bluetooth dropping during ride…” in the Bugs and Support Zwift forum.

Your most recent software upgrades have transported you to the ■■■■ that thousands of riders have been experiencing for up to two months. Good luck until Zwift/Saris fix the problem.

Thanks. I’ve just read that thread - all zillion pages of it - and my issue isn’t a bluetooth dropout, it’s been solid as a rock, but seemingly incorrect information being passed between IOS and the Saris, or delayed information or something else.

What a mess this is. Feel for those guys that ahve been in the muck and mire for months trying to resolve it.

I am having same issue. First I got the dropouts, which I was able to avoid by putting the Apple TV just near the Saris.

Now I have those weird change of resistance happening without reason. Just Zwift of course: RGT and Rouvy are working flawlessly.

Zwift customer service are being incredibly unhelpful. They keep telling me to do an FTP test.

Have you tried to set your FTP to 300 and see if it makes a difference.

I don’t know if it will work but worth trying.

Do you pair the trainer as power and controllable?

Yes paired both as trainer and controllable in the way it always was. My FTP is set at 305 as per normal.

It’s 100% a Zwift issue. Works fine on other platforms.

It’s just annoying how evasive their customer service is on this issue.

Thanks for help anyway.

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I have exactly the same issue on my MacBook Pro while it’s working fine on my iPad and iPhone. Really annoying since I wanna use my MacBook and I don’t wanna buy ant+ dongle for it.

Let me know if you have any updates on this issue please.

Getting worse. Just had to abandon another ride.

I’m getting it all at the moment:
Bluetooth dropouts
Incorrect resistance
Connection issues

I’m glad I found this. New Saris H3 owner. EXACT same issues as you, though I can get through rides but obviously it’s pretty crazy and fairly exhausting.