Saris H3, ATV Bluetooth dropout

Updated ATV to 1.0.57818 and Saris H3 is up to date. However in the last week I’ve had several instances where in a group ride my Bluetooth will drop. The light on my trainer turns from solid blue to flashing green and won’t re-pair. Until this week, I’ve never had this problem and nothing has moved physically. Anyone else experiencing this since last ATV update?

I don’t know if this matter but I also use the companion app on my Samsung Galaxy s10e. Never been an issue before and I don’t always use it but it was on tonight when this happened.

If you’re pairing thru the Companion app, I would be inclined the problem is there in the Companion app or with your phones wifi connection. Best to put your phone in airplane mode so that it doesn’t go from wifi to mobile data. If not the Companion app or phone wifi, it’s more likely to be the trainer than the ATV. The ATV is the least likely of all the above to be the source of your problem.

Also, update your ATV OS to the latest version.

Several users reported issues like yours between Apple devices, Zwift and Saris H3: you can find multiple threads here and in the bug and support section.

It seems it started happening after last iOS updates and it affects just Zwift, as other apps have no issues.

Opened ticket about 2 weeks ago, no answers yet.


I’ve been having the same issues, the other day I was in 2 hour ride and at about 1 hour 30 min I saw a message that the Apple TV remote lost connection and then my speed/cadence all went to 0 and everyone continued to ride away.

My Bluetooth connections were all going through the ATV, I quickly tried to connect all the Bluetooth device through the Companion App and it seemed to work but I like mentioned everyone in the ride was just too far ahead extremely disappointing.

Hopefully the problem gets fixed

If the remote is losing connection, then it either needs to be charged or there is a lot of signal interference.

The fact that your sensors all lost connection at the same time could be coincidental, but I would guess that signal interference caused all the Bluetooth connections to drop.

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