Saris H3, ATV Bluetooth dropout

Updated ATV to 1.0.57818 and Saris H3 is up to date. However in the last week I’ve had several instances where in a group ride my Bluetooth will drop. The light on my trainer turns from solid blue to flashing green and won’t re-pair. Until this week, I’ve never had this problem and nothing has moved physically. Anyone else experiencing this since last ATV update?

I don’t know if this matter but I also use the companion app on my Samsung Galaxy s10e. Never been an issue before and I don’t always use it but it was on tonight when this happened.

If you’re pairing thru the Companion app, I would be inclined the problem is there in the Companion app or with your phones wifi connection. Best to put your phone in airplane mode so that it doesn’t go from wifi to mobile data. If not the Companion app or phone wifi, it’s more likely to be the trainer than the ATV. The ATV is the least likely of all the above to be the source of your problem.

Also, update your ATV OS to the latest version.

Several users reported issues like yours between Apple devices, Zwift and Saris H3: you can find multiple threads here and in the bug and support section.

It seems it started happening after last iOS updates and it affects just Zwift, as other apps have no issues.

Opened ticket about 2 weeks ago, no answers yet.


I’ve been having the same issues, the other day I was in 2 hour ride and at about 1 hour 30 min I saw a message that the Apple TV remote lost connection and then my speed/cadence all went to 0 and everyone continued to ride away.

My Bluetooth connections were all going through the ATV, I quickly tried to connect all the Bluetooth device through the Companion App and it seemed to work but I like mentioned everyone in the ride was just too far ahead extremely disappointing.

Hopefully the problem gets fixed


If the remote is losing connection, then it either needs to be charged or there is a lot of signal interference.

The fact that your sensors all lost connection at the same time could be coincidental, but I would guess that signal interference caused all the Bluetooth connections to drop.

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I’m also having this issue - tried not having companion app or earphones - so just trainer and iphone using bluetooth- still lost connection after an hour…

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Agree doesn’t make sense every time I see the Apple TV remote lose connection then shortly after I lose all my sensors on the Saris H3 and my wahoo HR Ticr. Sometimes it happens shortly into the ride other times I’ve had it had over and hour into the ride.

That sounds like some sort of major signal interference. A lot of different types of devices can cause interference in the same part of the radio spectrum that BT and ANT+ uses. For example, microwave ovens, baby monitors, video senders.


This is also happening to me and noticed that it started around the iOS update.

I have the same exact set-up and this happens to me too. The remote disconnects then the trainer. The remote will quickly reconnect but not the trainer and rather than having the light blink blue it turns to green.

Same issue happening on iPad 2 Air after recent iOS14.2 upgrade. BT drop out occurs at random times in group rides. Haven’t tested the issue yet in solo rides. Saris notified and ticket opened. FWIW, a couple dozen riders in a 1000 person Zwift Trek/Segafredo group this morning ride complained about the issue. Definitely a growing problem with BT-paired Apple devices connecting to Zwift.

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Yup … funny thing during last nights ride it happened to me twice the second time I touched the apple remote and it connected but zswift didn’t drop I must of timed it just right.
They need to figure out even if it drops to reconnect automatically

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Hope you get a response from Saris. I’ve emailed them twice in the past 5wks and still haven’t heard anything.

Did a ride earlier today and had two drops. First time connected to Companion app and it dropped at 20mins. Light stayed blue though so I reconnected with ATV successfully but it didn’t connect my cadence. Dropped about 20 mins after connection and was not able to successfully reconnect. Hope they figure it out soon too.

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Definitely first world problems but non the less super annoying they need to get this figured out there is enough of us experiencing this issue it has something to do with someone’s update, because it worked fine for me for almost a year started with the latest updates.

Agreed. I imagine all posts on this forum could be categorized as first world problems, ha. Hope they figure it out. Mine started after the update as well.

I am also having issues on bluetooth drop out. Shouldn’t be interference related as I’ve used this set up flawlessly for 1500 miles without any drop outs and all of a sudden multiple drop outs every day, every ride. Please address it and fix it! Only thing keeping my sanity is the run/ride hack to not lose out on my route bages!

It could still be interference related if there’s a new device causing problems in the vicinity (e.g. next door).

I’ve had this problem happen to me a few times over the last couple of weeks also. Same setup here ATV with Saris H3. It happened to me today and I couldn’t reconnect thru ATV. My watts on the pairing screen were stuck at 222 watts even after unplugging the trainer. I was able to reconnect to ATV by pairing my trainer and HR to the companion app. Is this a work around solution or does it happen if you pair thru the app also? Thanks!

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I don’t know. It’s happened to me again tonight, I only ran ATV to Saris thru BT and turned off all other sensors (HR, RPM, companion app). Still ATV says remote connection lost then Saris blinks green. Can’t reconnect after that. Or it will pair for 1 sec and immediately re-drop.

Getting a bit annoying, hopefully they’ll fix. Been going on for about a month now!