Saris M2 Bluetooth dropouts (no signal)

Before I start this is my setup:

  • Saris M2
  • Apple TV 4K
  • Companion app on iPhone 6S
  • Polar H10 heartrate monitor
  • Connected directly with Zwift not through the companion app
  • Additional possible Bluetooth interference: iPad Air 2 with Aftershokz Aeropex connected

The last 2 months I experience Bluetooth dropouts with my Saris M2. At first I thought it was caused by the Companion app so I stopped using that. Unfortunately, yesterday it occured twice within 15 minutes.

Are there people who experience the same issue as I do? Or does someone have suggestions for me to try out? (read: Bluetooth through the companion app, get rid of the iPad,…….)

I’ve also had frustrating Bluetooth dropouts with a Saris H3. Based on other forum comments, Zwift and Saris don’t always play nice even though I’ve never had similar dropout issues with Fulgaz or Rouvy.

My setup is almost like yours except I connect through the Zwift Companion. I also close down Bluetooth on all nearby devices. But I will still get random drops.

When it happens I have found don’t leave Zwift on ATv, just pause it. I’ll kill the ZC on the iPhone, toggle Bluetooth off and on, restart ZC and go back to the Zwift app on ATv to pair the devices again.

Also I found the more crowded the route the better chance of losing a Bluetooth connection.

Yesterday evening I tried a short groupride. I configured the connections through the ZC and it seemed to work okay. I also turned of Bluetooth on my iPad just to be sure. 1,5km for the finish a dropout.

It’s strange that Zwift seems to have a Bluetooth connection with the trainer, but it isn’t receiving communication signals. In the pairing screen you can select the trainer, but it is saying ‘No Signal’

Note: A few minutes before the dropout my son turned on the television and soundbar (Android TV and Samsung soundbar) which both have Bluetooth ability. Interference?

For hopefully waking up some people at Saris: :slight_smile:

Today I had contact with Saris support. I emailed them earlier on and asked them to read this thread. Here is what they said and my reply:

Hi Sam,

Thank you for reply. Yes, even without the Companion app the dropouts occur.

Tonight I tried the following setup:

  • HP Probook 640 G8 (Windows 10)
  • Trainer & Heartrate connected through the Companion app (iPhone 6S)
  • I chose a groupride with approxamately 100 riders

Dropout occured within 5 minutes. I wasn’t able to connect the trainer and I had to disconnect the power from the trainer.

After that I connected the trainer directly to the Windows Laptop. Killed the Companion app and turned off Bluetooth on the iPhone.

I was able to ride for approxamately 30 minutes before a dropout occured. I was able to connect the trainer without taking the power off. Unfortunately a dropout occured again within 5 minutes.

I’m not really sure, but this issue came ashore after te latest firmware for the Saris M2. Is there a way to revert to a older firmware version?



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Thanks for the note. These instances are tricky, as taking a look at that linked thread, we agree that these can be circumstantial and are potentially a result of environment.

Am I understanding that even with no companion app and Apple TV the dropouts still occur? Have you gotten the same result if you try Zwift running on a PC or directly on a tablet?

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It looks like I solved the problem (I will try again tomorrow to make sure it is solved :sunglasses:). The ATV was placed in a holder on the back of the television. Tonight I placed it in front of the television. Not a single dropout in a 1 hour ride. :grin: