Losing Bluetooth - how to get back in game?

I am frequently losing my Bluetooth connection (saris m2 to iPhone6, once per hour)
Is it a known issue?
The annoying thing is that I have to stop my session to reconnect ; everything reconnects fine but I have to start a new session from zero
Any tricks how to get back to the same ride?

Don’t exit Zwift - unplug your trainer, count to 10, then plug it again.

Wait (count to 30…) for BT to re-connect.

Resume riding.

(Disclaimer: works for me… YMMV)

Tried this morning, didn’t work. I might not have waited 30 sec.
Will try again, keep you posted

Thanks again
I tried this morning and it worked !!! Just painful to restart in the middle of a climb, as in real life :slight_smile:
Unfortunately I lost connection again 10min later and this time no way to reconnect the ride, tried 3 times. I restarted a new ride and my home-trainer reconnected immediately
Shall see

See here as I can’t copy and paste what I wrote in another thread