Repeated drop of Bluetooth during ZRL race

After the latest update this morning, today ZRL race Chasing the sun.
At roughly 7.5 km to go, on the descent I lose Bluetooth a first time. Reconnect and do a two hundred meters before I lose connection again. Reconnect again a few hundred meters before I lose it again. At this point I try to connect via Companion. Succesful, start again only to lose it again after a short while. Reconnect again, peddle and lose it again. This time I cannot find the trainer through companion anymore. So I try to reconnect via Zwift again, to no avail. It gives me a connection error. I then switch of the trainer, disconnect Zwift. When I connected again with Zwift it asks me if I want to continue my ride. My power up is still there but I am not in the ZRL environment anymore.
Apple TV 1.24.1, Tacx Flux S

Sounds like either Bluetooth/radio interference at your end, or a problem with your trainer.

Since this was later on in the race, could it be an overheating issue?

First time since last september, never happened. Radio interference, I doubt, is in the cellar and we have only the wifi repeater, 2 tacx flux s, 2 apple tv and their respective screens. Fan is positioned out of line. Iphone used for companion has only wifi active, no mobile nettwork). The strange thing is after the forth attempt he recognized an error with the Bluetooth connections and asked me to discard them all. I had to restart trainer and zwift and then the problem was solved (at least in term of connections, I was kicked out of the race).