BT keeps disconnecting about 40mins into workout

Hello :wave:
I’ve had my saris h3 turbo about 4 weeks and every ride drops bluetooth signal at about 40mins into the session. I then have to shut the app down and restart the training session which is less than ideal! I’ve seen lots of posts about this happening and have switched all my other BT devices in the house. I’ve restarted the app as also advised and still no progress! I’m starting to wonder if I’ve wasted my money! I’ve contacted the support team and followed the advice they have given me but this still hasn’t made any difference… Please help!

Are you using an Apple device to run Zwift? If so, then I’m afraid that this is a common problem with the H3. See Bluetooth dropping during ride, won't reconnect without quitting - #239 by Jean-Sebastien_Stoez

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