I can't use Zwift until this technical problem is fixed

Can someone help me? Does this happen to anyone else?

I just can’t use Zwift until this issue is fixed. Mid ride the bluetooth connection to my smart turbo keeps dropping and speed / wattage goes to zero. Upon checking connections it says my turbo is connected but with no signal. If I try reboot my turbo zwift then can’t detect it until I quit zwift and open it back up again. Sometimes I can ride for 10 minutes sometimes 40 minutes but this always occurs.

  • I use Saris H3 Smart Turbo to iPad
  • I have updated zwift, Saris and IOS software
  • I have tried deleting all aps and re downloading
  • The turbo works fine with other apps
  • I have 100mbs+ internet which is great
  • I have turned off ALL other devices that could interrupt internet or bluetooth from microwaves, to smart speakers to iphones. Everything.

What the ■■■■ is going on with it? I’ve used zwift since April and had zero issues. I’ve often commended their stable connections and expected more glitches etc. Now since December it has been so unreliable. I love the app but just can’t continue to train here because I can’t have a longer session than 10 minutes!

This issue has been mentioned in other threads on this forum. You might want to do a search to see what you can find.

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Thanks Nigel. I will do. It would be great to hear from other people who have had this issue because I’ve had to switch apps until its resolved - and we all know zwift if the best (when it works) !

Hi Lewis,
have you tried connecting with a Ant+ dongle rather than bluetooth?
Generally Ant+ is more reliable and less prone to external interference.

If you do go for the Ant+ option, it is best to use a USB extension cable to enable the Ant+ dongle to be close to you and your trainer. (Just off to your side to avoid sweat)
Hope that may help.

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This is too much of a sweeping generalisation since there are a large number of factors involved, and just doesn’t make sense I’m afraid.

Plenty of people have trouble with BT and plenty of have trouble with ANT+. This can be issues such as flaky BT platform issues, dodgy ANT+ dongles, and all sorts of other things.

There do seem to be a disproportionately large number of people having trouble with the combination of Saris H3 and Apple clients using BT, which would seem to indicated a highly specific issue at play, which is no doubt what Nigel was alluding to above.

Fair enough, press on with bluetooth, however over the last 3 years I’ve never had one problem with Ant+ . . . . period.
Perhaps Lewis would rather follow your advice, which is fine as Watopia is a free country.

PS Sorry I’m not making any sense . . . . only sweeping generalisations here.

“Ride On” :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s just an anecdote though, and is meaningless on its own.

I’ll leave Lewis in your capable hands Steve. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry for bringing absolutely nothing to the table.
Over and out.

I had no issues with BLE for the last 2 years…

But to be fair - both BLE and ANT+ are transmitting in 2.4 GHz, so technically there is not really a difference. Connectivity issues are possible in both cases. The most users with ANT+ recommend to be as near as possible your bike.

If the OP can afford an ANT+ dongle, trying that might be the least aggravating next step in troubleshooting.

We don’t have to have an exhaustive survey of all Zwift users to know that some individual users have found that ANT+ works for them though they had problems with Bluetooth.

The positive about ANT+ is it send data all over the place and any device can listen to the data. It is like shouting across the room. But Bluetooth is like picking up the phone to call someone across the room so it is a one to one conversation.


This is the Saris H3 and Apple Bluetooth issue that has been affecting a lot of people recently. Lots of threads on this as Nigel said several posts above.

Thanks for your input everybody, I really appreciate it. I’ve had a look on other threads and it really does seem like its an issue with Saris and IOS. It looks like an almost inexplicably linked issue with people getting the same problem in many different iterations.

Its funny because I’ve been using the same set up with BT since April and not once had a drop out but over the past couple of weeks its all that happens.

Noted re ANT+, it’s worth trying anything in my mind. I’ll get a dongle on order but after looking at the other threads it seems people still experience drop outs in ANT+ but hopefully this is a worthy en-devour, not destined to fail.

I’ve sent log files into zwift (ages ago) so hopefully they will substantiate our claims in the coming days but without being able to ‘zwift’ currently is leaving a hole in my life. (and inches on my waistband) I’m contemplating getting a trainerroad subscription to plug said hole but like Troy says Watopia is a free country, like nothing elsewhere on the market.

Keep the suggestions coming and it would be great to hear from more Saris / IOS users experiencing the same issues. If only, it is us both basking in collective misery.

Ride on’

I have the exact same issue… but only for the last 6 weeks or so. Maddening!!!