Continuous Drop-Out

I know this is a little long, but if anyone has any ideas, please try and help me out here!

So, I’ve been having some issues with my trainer, and I’m trying to figure out if it’s the trainer, zwift, or a combination with both. Here’s my problem.

I have a CycleOps Magnus smart trainer. I usually use bluetooth as the means to connect to the zwift app on my laptop. I have connected via bluetooth exclusively without any problems until now.

Everyday since June 2nd, the Bluetooth connection on my trainer has not been working. Zwift recognizes my trainer via bluetooth when I first get started, and all seems good. But no more than one minute into any ride, my avatar stops pedaling. After about 20-30 seconds, the avatar starts pedaling again. Pedal down the road for about a minute, and the same thing happens again, the avatar stops. After a few times of it doing this, I go into the “pair” settings, and it shows me that the trainer isn’t broadcasting a signal…As if it is turned off. I literally watched the signal connect and disconnect from the pairing screen three times while pedaling. It’s frustrated me to the point that it’s been keeping me from wanting to ride.

My trainer sits in the same spot as it always does. I’ve checked the firmware via the Saris app, and it says it’s up-to-date. I can’t figure out what the issue could be! Tried calling support a few times, but been on hold an average of 20 minutes each time, then I get disconnected.

Incidentally, I was determined to ride today, so I switched over and connected to the ANT+ option! I was able to get my ride done today, but even with using this connection, my RPM’s fluctuated big time. One minute I’m doing 80RPM, and the next minute, it kicks up and I’m doing 180-190RPM’s.

What’s really going on? Does anyone have any ideas, or possible things to try?


Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I’ve uploaded several of the partial log files that we have on our end to This is a third party site that diagnoses issues with your network performance, Bluetooth, ANT+, GPU issues by uploading your log files to them. It does look like there’s some issues at your location.

Please locate the log files (here’s how) and send a few to zwiftalizer from your end?

Here are some things you can do to reduce interference with BLE and ANT+ signals, incidentally. These often do help quite a bit.

The server logs show me that you updated your game app to version 1.0.50775 on May 31, and version 1.0.51298 today June 9. Between June 2 and June 9, there were no game releases, so I’m not certain we can attribute this to problem to a game update.

If you’re going to the trouble of locating your log.txt files: please attach them to an email to The log files on your end are more complete than the partial ones that get saved periodically to our server, so we can help troubleshoot. Thanks.

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I first experienced this craziness on June 2nd, which is just a few days after the 31 May update. And there’s no data between the 2nd and today, because every day that I wanted to ride, it frustrated me to no end, and I just quit.

As I stated in my original post, for the last 5-6 months, I have not had any issue with connecting via bluetooth and staying connected throughout the duration of my ride. As for the pic you posted for me, I really don’t know how to translate what I’m looking at.

I will get the log files into zwiftalizer, and send them to support! I do thank you for the time you’ve taken to try and help!

What devices did you use if it was a hr strap and trainer then I suspect that the hr strap need a new battery or a replacement.

You can see that the first ant device (probably a hr strap) paired multiple times.

@Gerrie_Delport, you are correct. I have always connected my trainer using bluetooth, and only used Ant+ for my HRM. I will certainly look into a new battery. I have sent my logs to support. In the meantime, here is a test ride that I just did. I disconnected the Ant+ dongle to make sure it wouldn’t interfere. So what you’re seeing is strictly bluetooth