Avatar keeps stopping

I am having issues since downloading the Zwift app. I purchased the free trial as it says it comes with the monthly subscription. Today I did the 25km intro ride, but my avatar kept stopping repeatedly. It happened more often when the grade changed or if my watts changed, but it started doing it much more frequently. Ended up stopping well over 30 times during the whole ride. I ended up finishing the whole 25km and then realized that the trial expires after the 25km intro.
I use a Smart Flow Tacx trainer.
My bluetooth says everything is connected to the app and I have calibrated my bike to the trainer and it says it is properly calibrated.
Unsure if there is something I need to purchase to improve the connection to the app.
I have read many posts about an ANT+ dongle?? Is this something that comes with the smart trainer?
Or would I have to purchase the ANT+ antenna?


Hi Abbey. Assuming there’s no issue with the trial period, you may want to check out these posts https://zwiftinsider.com/ant-dongles-for-zwift/,
https://zwiftinsider.com/how-to-fix-ant-dropouts-in-zwift/ (Zwiftaliser mentioned at the end is very useful to debug). I’m sure someone who knows your trainer better will be able to help more. Just to help them, what laptop/device are you connecting to?

I am using an iPhone currently which I then mirrored onto my MacBook Air.

Why not just use the Mac to run the Zwift App and run the Zwift Companion App on the iPhone?

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Oh I have not tried that. I didn’t know that was possible.

I am not sure if it will let me though as it says “Trial expired” at the bottom of the screen when I pull up the app.

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