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I got a brand new trainer (no, not my first trainer) and I calibrated it for Zwift. All good, but sometimes in the middle of a ride, my avatar just STOPS. Other riders continue to stream around me, but I’m just stopped. Is this because of 1) the new trainer? 2) the pairing of trainer and Zwift? 3) something else? (I paired the trainer one with Rouvy and a second time on Zwift. I’m fairly sure I have that part correct.) HELP!!!

Hi @Ashley_Halsey_ABRT

We will need more info what do you use for Zwift. How do you pair?

As a Zwift user and participant in this forum, I can say that, first of all, some users who did not subscribe to Zwift, observe that it still works after expiration of the trial, but do not realize that free usage is limited to 25 km per month. Once 25 km free allowance for non-subscribers is used up, avatar would stop moving in the game. I hope this is not your case, but I thought I’d mention it.

If you are subscriber, avatar would stop if the computer (or a device on which you are running Zwift) loses connection with your trainer. If Zwift does not know at what power and cadence you ride, your avatar would stop. Zwift would also stop showing your power on the screen. That can happen for two reasons. One is that the connection quality is poor, the usual reason for which is your device is not close enough to your trainer. The solution is to get the device closer, use an USB extension cable to get BT or ANT+ dongle closer to the trainer, or experiment with switching from BT to ANT+ or back. For me personally ANT+ is more stable. The second reason could be that your trainer may have been connected to several devices (including a phone, a tablet, a computer, or devices owned by several family members) and connection on these devices are still active and compete with each other for connection to your trainer. Troubleshooting of this possibility is easy, just shut down all other devices which could have been connected and check if this helps.

Hi…it’s Meg. I ride with Ashley. First, Ashley_ABRT is a monthly subscriber to Zwift. The smart trainer is an Magnus Cyclops. He calibrated the trainer using Rouvy, however, when he entered Zwift, the wrench icon appeared next to his trainer icon so he calibrated it again. Once in Zwift and riding along the avatar stops. He rides with iPad and follows along with Zwift companion on iphone.

We have followed the sequence of “selecting airplane mode, then Wifi, then Bluetooth” and that works for about a minute and avatar stop…again.

I see people mention ANT but we ride completely with iPad in handlebar setup running Bluetooth. There is no external dongle. What are we missing???

It is most likely interference from the environment or another app trying to grab the signal. Is Rouvy still running in the background of the iPad? Make sure everything is force closed on the iPad and iPhone.

Could even be a fan that is too close and mucking up the signal.

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This appears to be a smart trainer. So I am wondering if - in Zwift - it is being selected as both the power source AND controllable (FE-C)? And, generally speaking, any calibration should be done in the manufacturer’s app. There is no requirement that it be calibrated within Zwift.

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That is for ant+ only, bluetooth doesn’t use fe-c

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So true. I just noted that the trainer had ANT+ and forgot they were using iPads for Zwift.

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You’re thinking iPods?

Not sure what you mean by that. Meg indicated that she rides with you and that you both run Zwift on iPads.