Avatar takes a rest

New user here. What would cause my avatar to take a break while I’m still riding? Two rides in a row I’ve had to reboot the trainer and start my ride again to reanimate my screen rider.

Sounds like a connection dropout, do your watts go to 0, rpm 0, etc.? What equipment are you using to run Zwift and connect to your trainer? The more info you can provide the better.

Thanks for the response Mike. My trainer is a Saris M2, I’m running the app on an iPad and mirroring to a first generation Apple TV. I’m running the companion app on an iPhone 11 and I’m now using a Wahoo tickr H/R monitor. All is hooking up and looking good for 3 or 4 miles then I notice the avatar is pulling off to the side. If I reboot the trainer and the app, I can successfully start another ride. I’m not sure if all the metrics you mentioned went to zero, I’ll look for that the next ride.