Loss of ride data

I’m relatively new to zwift, starting December 20. Having an issue where my avatar suddenly grinds to a halt. Seems to be happening more regularly and I lose data from the ride.
My set up is wahoo kickr, pc running windows 10. I also use the companion app on Samsung A51.
I’ve got the latest version of companion.
Has anyone had similar or can advise solution.
My WiFi is recent Halo with enough boosters to sink a ship!

Can you provide more information about the problem?

You say that your avatar grinds to a halt, which sounds like the connection between your trainer and PC is dropping (is it Bluetooth or ANT+ ?). But you also say you lose data from the ride - what do you mean by that?

Cheers Steve for response.
It is as though the signal is lost between pc and trainer. However, the signal is also lost to my android phone on companion at same time.
I get a message when endinding the ride (having not been able to reconnect to zwift) saying ride data could not be saved.
Actually say, 'activity details could not be loaded. However at other times it has saved the part of the ride completed. Pain as three times this has occurred on Alp du Zwift at more or less the same point (between turn 8/9, not sure if that is significant). Has happened on a range of other routes though.

It is Bluetooth!

Is it (more or less) the same time point, too?
What are your PC specs? Losing both connections could be overheating, or another hardware issue.

Hi Milan,
A few times it has been after 45 - 60 minutes in, but has also happened after 10- 15 minutes.
Today rode for 2 hours 45 minutes and no issue.

PC is intel core in-4288u cpu @ 2.60 GHz
64 bitoperating system, x64 -based processor.
Windows 10
Intel iris graphics 5100

Is Zwift still responding normally to buttons etc when your avatar grinds to a halt, or is it freezing up and unresponsive?


It sounds like the Intel integrated graphics issue,. unfortunately. It’s a common problem at the moment and there are various threads on this. The good news is that Zwift are working on it. The bad news is that there isn’t a fix yet, and if this indeed is the problem then there’s nothing you can do about it. Do check that your graphics drivers are up to date though, in case that helps.

Cheers Steve, nice to know it’s not just me, but frustrating all the same. Hope its sorted soon, and ill check out graphics drivers.

Steve nailed it, search the forum, Intel GPS have issues. Zwift is aware. Try this:

But to be fair, Iris 5100 is not very powerful for a 3D game.