My avatar froze many times

Yesterday while I was riding, racing my avatar froze many times through the ride and I lost the group I was riding with…this happened some other times in the

Also, on a different note…when I finish a designated ride can I go back to choosing where I want to ride, to the first screen that I get when I start a ride or
I have to close Zwift entirely and recalibrate my bike etc. (which takes a long time)…

Third when I close Zwift it doesn’t ever shut down properly and I always crashes…HELP

Hi Jeff,

I started a new topic (split from this post) for you as this relates to the Zwift app not the companion app.

Can you give a bit more information on what system do you run Zwift and how do you connect to your trainer.


This sounds like you were having some signal drop outs, are you using ANT+ or Bluetooth?

You would need to end a ride and close the Zwift app and restart it to select a different route.

Can you post a run down of your setup (more detail the better).

Use wahoo kickr with ant for pc windows

Jeff Berger

Sound like you had some kind of interference, do you have your ANT+ dongle next to your trainer?

Did you pair the trainer using the FE-C profile in Power and controllable.

See this link.

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Yes, right next to it

don’t know what
FE-C profile in Power and controllable is…

You may want to look at this article:


You can see the FE-C option in the paring screen. See this excample

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I will check, but I only get one option

Let us know what option you get, you may have to click unpair and repair to see the options.
See the link i posted above.

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You don’t need to recalibrate before every ride.

I didn’t mean recalibrate , I meant reconnect to all of the sensors which takes time….


When you say freezing what do you mean?
I experienced this past week 2x a scenario where the feed would freeze, then advance frame by frame. I’d see bikes with no riders, I’d not really progress in the game. I was able to pin this experience this on my machine and it’s due to Windows doing what Windows does. It’s best to look at the overall symptoms. I had an issue where my disk was 100% utilized. As a result Zwift would freeze. If this is the experience you had you may need to figure out what’s up with Windows. In my case it was due to a recent forced update of the OS itself which caused the disk to thrash.


I’ve only ever run Zwift on Apple devices, mostly on an apple tv device. I know that running Zwift on PC;s has some advantages, but connecting to sensors on apples stuff is instantaneous. Might be worth consideration.

Mine connect instantly too on Win 10, the only one I usually have to wait for is the HRM. I lick it real good so it’s nice and wet and then it connects. Sorry… that was nasty… and salty… :nauseated_face:

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We all have done that, but now I always has at least one bottle of water so I just put a few drops of water on it. :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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