Crashes every ride

Haven’t been able to finish a ride for over a week without it crashing. Completely Un-installed and re-installed and crashed again tonight. Since this appears to be an ongoing issue why is it that Zwift can’t fix their software. I splurge and purchased a gaming computer to hopefully avoid this problem, but it appears I could of saved my cash. The last time I sent in my crash logs I didn’t get a response on why they thought it was crashing. Any help anyone can provide would be great

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Can you put your log files into

That may help to narrow down the issue.

What is the Pc specs.

Did you edit any of the Zwift files?

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Like Gerrie says there are a lot of unknowns about your setup but if you connecting your trainer using Bluetooth and you are also using BT on another device to listen to music or run some headphones they may conflict.
An alternative is to try using ANT+ to connect your trainer or keep your BT connections to a minimum.

I didn’t edit any of the Zwift file. Not computer savvy.

I will try switching to ant+, and see how that works

I’m having the same issue, and it’s incredibly annoying. My hardware hasn’t changed (either my Surface Pro 7 or my Cycleops M.2 & HRM, and I’ve not installed any new 3rd party software. The only things that would have changed are the Windows 10 monthly patches and the Zwift update itself.

I’ve uninstalled Zwift and reinstalled it but not had change to try it again, so we’ll see what happens on my next ride…

Bluetooth is the likely culprit in a lot of these situations. If not using Ant+, using is highly recommended. Ant+ was developed, I believe, for exactly these types of applications. Not even sure if BT has for these apps is standardized or has a tight protocol…maybe BTLE.

Also, Check your network. Specifically have you updated firmware on your router? I have experience with multiple routers going unstable after multiple updates. Or try rebooting your router…even the most stable router needs rebooting every couple of months.

Surface… with integrated Intel GPU?
If yes, it is a known issue (search forum). I know, does not help you, sorry.
Try to install latest drivers, seems it depends - newer GPU (Iris?) could be better.

Erm, Bluetooth FTMS (Fitness Machine Service) was developed for exactly this purpose, and is what modern trainers use (in addition to ANT+ FE-C).

Some of these theories are ace.

Make sure you have adequate ventilation and cooling for your computer.
As Zwift has improved the game, it placed a higher load on my low end laptop and created thermal issues that I resolved with a cool pad/fan.
I apparently also had a bad Ant+ /USB extension cord and have dispensed with the cord and life is good.

Zwift crashed again for me as recently as two days ago. It shouldn’t matter how many bluetooth connections you have (in fact, I have none, I always use ANT+), Zwift should not crash. The user experience is terrible.

If you are on Windows with Intel integrated graphics, then this is the likely cause of your crashes. A lot of people are having this problem at the moment, and there are other threads on it. Zwift are working on what’s exactly causing it and how to fix it.

Yes, I am on Windows and my laptop has Intel integrated GPU.

But to be sure - have you the lastest drivers?
In one thread there was someone reporting no issues after driver update (but I think he was the only one…).

You might also want to disable any anti-virus software. Some can be really obtrusive

No antivirus. And the drivers are the latest; Windows update keeps them up-to-date.

Windows update is not a guarantee for latest drivers, try Intel directly.

Have you tried grinding on your machine?

Hardware errors can be frustratingly random, e.g. a bad memory chip that only glitches once in a while and 99% of the errors get corrected or doesn’t cause a crash

Especially when nothing else crashes but Zwift does (and I do a ton of stuff on my laptop that loads it to the limit). Must be a hardware error. /s