Continuous crashes

good morning,
my name is Luigi Orlando and first of all I apologize for the inconvenience.
I am in full frustration, I don’t know what to do, before I go wrong in very expensive purchases, I would like to understand what causes zwift to crash continuously while using it. The crash arrives at any time, from the log files (not viewed by me) it looks like a network problem, so I can’t train, compete and advance status, because I can’t even save the ride.
I have a very old trainer, Elite Realaxiom, controllable, not BT, but with a cable that comes from the roller to a small console and from there another cable that with an adapter goes into the PC in the USB socket. The PC is brand new, Lenovo ideapad s145, bought only to use zwift during lockdown. So there is practically nothing on the PC.
I did endless tests, to understand if it is the fault of the fast enough internet network, various tests from the app, opening tickets with the network provider, zwifting in wifi, with ethernet cable, with cellular hotspot. Always crash.
I completely restored the PC to its initial values ​​and reinstalled zwift many times (even before the reset) to understand if it is the PC’s fault (a doubt that still remains in my opinion).
I bypassed the roller and used zwift with garmin cadence / speed sensors and usb extension with ant + sensor, again crash.
I don’t know what to do anymore, I thought the roller as old was starting to conflict with the continuous updates of zwift (and it probably is), I would change it too, but what if the problem persists?
Forgive me so much for the inconvenience.

I don’t think it is the trainer I used that same one.

You can test by riding and unplug the network cable, all riders will disappear but you should be able to rude with no crashes.


Thank you for your reply. I tried in this afternoon as you said. Crash after 56’ riding alone.
Intel Iris Plus Graphics, maybe it’s my video card!

It can be or the laptop is overheating.