Zwift bricking PC (cutting all I/O yet still powered on)

My PC used to crash (going straight to the desktop and losing the ride) after a consistent ride length back in March. This was fixed by disabling all non-Windows services and startup apps.

Eventually, after the June 1st update, ANT+ didn’t pick up the trainer for about three consecutive days. Switched to Bluetooth for every connection except cadence.
About two weeks without crashes went by and then had about four consecutive days with crashes after different amounts of time. My theory was that this happened when power, controllable or heart rate were connected via ANT+. Sort of confirmed by Zwiftalizer reading too many ANT+ connections.

Then doing a TdF discovery ride my computer was essentially bricked. It stopped any I/O, the restart button directly going to the motherboard was not doing anything and the only way to turn it off and back on was by turning off the power supply.
I then hopped on the next hour group ride - worth mentioning the ride had ended about five minutes before it happened - only to have the exact same thing happening, at the same time, probably down to the seconds and certainly at the same minute.

About one or two weeks went by having one or two crashes to the desktop before going up Ventoux, back down to almost the very bottom only to have a crash after two hours and being paired via BLE.
Support found the issued to be related to OpenGl and told me to update my graphics drivers, which were up-to-date.

Two days after and on every single time I have opened up Zwift, after about three minutes from clicking ride my PC dies. Uninstalled Zwift, reinstalled it, found I had to get more storage, bought a new SSD and installed it again. Same problem only after more time.
The activity files are lost but the last activities log was stored.

Detailed every eventuality in case it is relevant to the current issue.
Does anyone have any experience with this specific problem? Thank you.

Try to see if there is anything in Window’s event log.

The following should help:

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Windows 10?
Latest patches?
Latest vid card drivers?

When you got the new SSD did you image your old system or completely new clean install of the OS?

Thanks. Already sent that to support and told me it was an OpenGl issue and that drivers needed to be updated which they were. AMD doesn’t run it as smooth as NVIDIA but already did a clean re-install of the drivers with ddu uninstaller.

This is not accepting my image uploads but I’m on Windows 10, AMD R9 390 with everything updated. Already reinstalled GPU drivers.
I kept everything on my drive and just installed Zwift on the new drive. The problem ocurred before even running out of storage.

What’s on your event log?

Solved the problem by completely replacing my GPU drivers but it just happened on a more hardware-intensive game, so I think there’s some hardware issue.