Constantly crashes mid ride

i have yet to complete a full ride on zwift it crashes every time sometime minutes in and the longest i have gotten is about 40 minutes into a ride. still on the 7 day free trail but without being able to complete a ride not seeing it being worth a subscription as of yet. tried email have only received one response out of me sending 3 emails. and it took 3 days from the first email. spent about 1.5 hours on an online chat with nvidia support to verify my graphics card is up to par. ensured most updated drivers. computers meet specs just fine. core i7, 8g ram, 2g dedicated geforce graphics, windows 10 64bit, 1tb ssd, i turned down the game resolution as that is no importance to me, turned the performance on the graphics to max for that program only. updated bluetooth drivers on my laptop. nothing seems to add up. it will just freeze screens turns black and app crashes. they asked for the .txt file labeled computerspec in the logs folder of zwift but that is nowhere to be found. i have uninstalled and reinstall the program and still no file label that. i am using a wahoo kickr core trainer. wondering if ant+ is a more stable connection or if it matters at all.

to elaborate on this issue this also happens if i am in the just watch mode as sometimes i just wanna see how the program will respond. nothing paired not looking for a trainer just watching other riders same thing. ran the compatibility test via windows program still randomly closes or crashes.

It very much sounds like something in your setup rather than Zwift. I run it without any problems at all on a laptop with significantly lower specs than your machine. I do use exclusively ANT+ though (mostly because my HRM and cadence sensor are both older Garmin models that only use that.

Got to be worth a try in the absence of any other solution staring you in the face.

read a few post about background programs causing issues. turned off all permission for background apps and am running zwift in just watch mode currently to test. so far about 35minutes have gone by without issue. would like to see about 2 hours as most the training ride i have at max are about 1.5 hours. fingers crossed. since zwift support has been zero help no response from online chat on multiple attempts. and no email support besides the one response asking for a file that i cant locate although i responded with the most recent launcher log and main log files as a form of a response. i like the program but the lack of support is a major concern for me if i have any issues in the future. glad the forum is at least an option just dont think i should need to dig this hard for any sort of support.

update since i turned off all background apps and permissions to run in background. zwift ran for 1 hour in just watch mode i deciced to start a ride and about 20 min in it crashed again. so this is the longest run time i have experienced now on the app. wish zwift would get back to me to help figure this out. i have ran the app in either full screen and windowed. both floating window and maximized window. done just about every suggestion found on this forum that i have found regarding this topic. besides running everything off ANT+ which i assume i cannot find at best buy but would have to order via wahoo or zwift?

I would be tempted to try the chat again … I have used it a number of times and always got a quick response.


Locate your .log files and put then in and see what your framerate FPS and network is doing.

Very Low FPS might cause your Zwift to crash.

Are your screen plugged into the Graphics card port not the on board card.

I have the same problem and first thought the crashes were caused by a bad internet connection (I since learned that Zwift works without internet connection). My setup is Ryzen 5 2400G, Nvidia 1060 6Gb - so it shouldn’t be any problem for it handling the game. Drivers are up to date, tried 2 different Windows builds, lowered the resolution - problem persists. Right before the last crash I noticed a lot of artifacts on the screen, although I can see them during some rides and it will continue to work.
The time before the crash is pretty random in my case. I can play 2-3 hours with no crash or I can get one in the first 10 minutes. There are days without crashes and there are consecutive days when the game quits for multiple times.


Hi Guys,
i’m having the same exact problem on my new tacx flow smart.
Did you find a solution?
@Vidrean_Cristian7909 @mike_switzer

here’s my zwiftalizer, from the other benchmarks my pc sounds ok


Hi @Luca_Dona

Welcome to the forum,

Have you tried to lower your display settings to basic. The lowest setting.

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Thanks for the answer and the welcome @Gerrie_Delport!

inside zwift i’m currently running the lowest possible.

tried also the 640 x 480 mode (from win settings)

GPU drivers are up to date, then i also unistalled and re- installed the zwift program.

From the mobile application everything seems good (huawei p9 lite)

I took about a month brake from Zwift and I think there were 2 windows updates since then (and maybe some Zwift updates too). I went for 3 rides in the last days and since now I haven’t experienced any interruptions. Maybe it is too early to say the problems are gone since they didn’t follow any pattern to begin with. Before it could take a week or I could get 3 crashes in a day.

Anyway, all you can do beside making sure you have the latest drivers and updates is contacting support, but from my experience you usually get a response after about 1-2 days, so I wouldn’t expect a quick fix.

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Thanks @Vidrean_Cristian7909!
Appreciate your help. I’ll contact the customer service
Ride on!

Hello everyone!
Finally solved the problem!
I’m now running zwift from ubuntu as show there.

Everything looks fine!