Zwift Companion v3.9.2 Dec 16, 2019

Hi everyone! We released a v3.9.2 of Zwift Companion today for Android and iOS.

Highlights for this update to the Companion app include:

  • Crash fixes
  • Workout Mode fixes
  • Update to route preview in Event Details

Crash Fixes:
(Android) Crashes when viewing your Followers / Following lists
(iOS) Crash viewing home world stats

Event Updates:
(iOS and Android) Correctly calculate and display total distance and ascent for lap-based events

Workout mode fixes:
(iOS and Android): Fixed distance discrepancies in workout blocks displayed in game app vs. Zwift Companion.


For Android, when saving pictures using the Companion app, please save into a subdirectory (probably called Zwift) instead of the root Pictures folder. It clutters up the root folder and some apps when asked to attached images don’t search the root folder.

It used to work correctly a long time ago but it got changed earlier this year. Thanks.



Just for info: I don’t get this update on iOS yet

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That’s great news! Do you know when it will be available on IOS?


How do I update on the IPhone. I currently have version 3.9.1 (645). There does not appear to be an automatic update.

Thank you


The iStore is sometimes/always a bit slow.

It has not been approve by Apple yet.

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Does this new version automatically happen or do we need to do something
to update our Zwift Companion app?



What device are you running the ZCA on? It has not been released for iOS or iPad devices.

my android phone auto updated, no action required on my end.

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I run the companion app on my iPhone SE, v.13.1.3

Thanks for your help….

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On Android: it depends on your preferences in the Google Play store.

If you changed the default settings to apps do not auto-update: you will have to open the Play store app and look for your list of Installed apps. In that list, it should show you an “Update” button next to Zwift Companion.

I believe Apple App Store settings can also be set to update apps manually. If that’s how you set yours up - it’s a similar process.

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Since the update my samsung tab s4 is crashing every 8 to 12 min cant do workouts or anything any help would be amazing already uninstall and installed the game back again also check my trainer is up to date and still crashing

After updating the app on my iphone, now I can’t even use the app. Will not pair with the CABLE UNIT that I have used for 2 years. Frustrating and pissed is an understatement. Every time an update comes out, everything fails… Fixing to delete my account… after viewing all the problems in this forum, looks like a little more work needs to be done before an update is pushed out.

Is there an easy way to create work outs and share these with other zwift riders and then all ride it together?
I have a squad of 40 riders that we struggle to ride together IRL so thought we could do it online.

Im a newbie to zwift so have worked out how to create easy work outs and save them so thought we could ride them together

You can do this in a meetup. did a post about it, search the site and you should quickly find the post.

Any status update on ZCA? It still does not work on my iphone and everything is updated (iphone 11, software updated, etc.).
Is there something I’m missing here?

What issues are you having.