Android Zwift Companion Bluetooth Bridge how to

Continuing the discussion from Zwift Companion v3.9.2 Dec 16, 2019:

Just installed zwift companion 3.10.0 denice selection to setup bluetooth bridge does not seem to exist, not on connection page, can anyone help?

Hi @Harper_Peck welcome to the Zwift Forum! I noticed on our server logs that you’re an Android user.

The Android version of the app lacks the “Select Device” part of Settings because the ZC app will automatically create that bridge. PROVIDED THAT you allow the app permissions to your Locations settings.

In Android OS, Bluetooth permissions for an app are unintuitively tied to Locations permissions. :man_shrugging:

You can fix this by going into your devices Settings > General > Apps & Notifications > App permissions > Your Location > Companion.

Alternately - you can uninstall ZC then reinstall, and allow Location permission.

Thanks so much, my selections were a little different but pointed me in the direction, then had to switch from bluetooth to companion in zwift, hooked right up and worked!


Thanks for looping back to let us know this resolved your problem!

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