Cannot pair Android v11 ZC Companion with Zwift [SOLVED]

I’m using a win10 laptop logged into a 2.4 wireless network. My Android version 11 phone is also logged into the same 2.4 network with the same SSID and the same password. Following the procedures on your web page, I first login to the Swift program on the laptop. I’m assuming I stop at the Welcome screen. I then launch the ZC on my phone. Again stopping at the first screen that comes up. Then, I click on the ‘Let’s Go’ button on the program on my laptop which eventually gets me to the Paired Devices screen. On my phone, I then press the arrow next to my name which also brings me to the Paired devices screen. So far, nothing on the phone indicates any type of pairing. When I pair devices on the laptop, nothing changes on the phone. When I continue on the laptop to pick a ride, nothing changes on the phone. The ZC is still on the Paired Devices screen. I really want to use the ZC so that I can ride with friends and control my rides. What am I still missing here? I’ve also tried to connect the two via Bluetooth. Again, both running on the same wireless network. I open the ZC app on my phone then log in to Zwift on the laptop. When I get to the paired screen and select the settings icon, the Use Zwift companion option is greyed out. Any help would be greatly appreciated

You are running the wrong app on the Android.

You should be using the Zwift Companion App and NOT the Zwift App on the Android.

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Yea I’m a little confused by this too. By the sounds of it you are trying load zwift using your Windows device and the andriod device at the same time.

The zwift companion app doesn’t have a pairing device screen (the andriod version of the main zwift app does). Make sure you are downloading the ‘companion app’ to your mobile device assuming you are wanting to use the laptop as your main zwift playing device.

this one on your phone

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Well, duh on my part! Thank ■■■ my wife didn’t see this since I’m supposed to be the knowledgeable person about electronic stuff in the house! Changed to the ZC and bingo!

Thanks for you help Paul,



Thanks to all that replied. Senior moments aren’t an excuse for not seeing the obvious…but I’m using it nonetheless.



Post of the day of these forums (yes, I relate) :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: