Sudden connectivity issues with Android Companion App

Hey everyone,

until recently I used the Companion App on an Android Phone (Huawei P30 first, now Google Pixel 6) just fine. Zwift itself runs a Win10 PC and is connected via ethernet cable.
Starting Zwift, the app recognizes a running game and displays the corresponding page.
I had almost no issues Thursday last week. Yesterday, the companion app couldn’t find any devices anymore.
My trainer is TACX Neo 2t and I use a Polar H10 heartrate sensor.
The Zwift standalone app for android couldn’t find any devices either.
To check if my phone could find it, I installed the TACX app and it could connect to both devices without issues.

The companion app has the permissions to use location services.

It seems this issue affects a small userbase, I see some reports in different threads and on different platforms.
Any idea what I can do to fix it?

Have the same issue using a Pixel 4A (version 3.32.0 of the Companion app) on a Google Pixel 4A in Android. I have a Wahoo TICKR and Tacx Vortex, running Zwift itself on Windows 11. Zwift standalone app also could not find my devices.

Used my wife’s iphone and everything worked fine.

Hi @Christian_F2

Looks like this is your first time posting a new topic on the Zwift Forums, so welcome!

Sorry to hear about the pairing issues. As I understand it, there are actually a number of reported issues with the Zwift Companion (ZC) app on Android following the most recent app update. You can find more information in the pinned thread.

I suspect that things will improve for you once these other issues are debugged and resolved, which I know our team is working hard to get done as soon as possible. I appreciate your patience!

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Same issue. Companion @ 3.32.0 (1321) and Zwift App (1.21.2) (100353) on Android 12 on Pixel 4a cannot see any BT devices. Wahoo App sees them on the phone. Windows 10 sees them.

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Same problem with my pixel 3xl and companion app. It is hard to continue to be patient. My subscription is too expensive to allow days of down time.

Hi @Matthew_Heft , looks like this is your first time posting on the Forums, so welcome!

I definitely get your frustration, and it’s difficult to have patience when one is unable to Zwift at all due to a game bug.

Is your only option to use the ZC app on your Android as a BLE bridge to pair? Or, can you try the built-in (native) BLE pairing on your Apple TV?

If you can pair your KICKR at the pairing screen for cadence instead of using the stand-alone Wahoo cadence sensor, you should have enough BLE connections available on the Apple TV to also pair your Wahoo TICKR HRM.

That’s what I’d suggest for you specifically as a workaround until Zwift’s dev team can get these ZC issues sorted out, which we hope will be any day now. Thanks!

There’s a new ZC update out now on Android - 3.32.1.


Hey everyone,

the new update fixes the issue, it wörks!

Thanks guys!


Hi new update done and still causing a disconnecting issue. It’s driving me mad. I hope zwift will be refunding customers as this has gone on long enough now.


Sorry to hear that your ZC app is still disconnecting even after the last update.

Since the update was supposed to have fixed the issue by and large, we’ll need to troubleshoot any lingering issues on an individual, case-by-case basis. My first suggestion is that you go through all the troubleshooting suggestions in this article.

If that doesn’t help, please send us a support request and one of our tech support team members is happy to help! You can contact us here.