Credit for lost drops

hi Shooj Shuji… How about my lost drops? I never used them but it disappears… They told me to wait and i’ve been waiting for months maybe almost a year and nothing happen. I’m planning to unsubscribe by the end of the month if they still don’t fix it. I hope you can help sir.

Thanks for your time.


Eddy efendy

Hi @FND_Eddy_ZID,

Can you tell is more about this, how do they get lost. What system are you using?

Hi @FND_Eddy_ZID welcome to Zwift forums.
I looked into your case history. You were sent an email on November 25 stating that your drops were credited, and to see them, you needed to reset your account password. My colleagues did not hear back from you via email.

Did you receive that Nov 25 email? Did you reset your password as instructed?

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Hi Shuji,

Thanks for getting back to me. I missed the email about reset password. I just reset my password as instructed. But my drops still the same.