Spin down frustration, virtual rider stops

Is anyone else having the problem where, for no discernible reason, the virtual rider slows down and stops? I have new batteries in my sensors, the cadence works (most of the time) and the watts seem right (most of the time). Back wheel isn’t slipping, it just randomly slows down and the rider stops. Anyone?



Sounds like a signal drop out. Are you using BLE or ANT+?

It also could be you are putting out low watts and going up a virtual incline and your speed drops to zero or close to it. Just guessing based on the limited info.

Hey thanks for the response. I am on ANT+ using the Garmin (500) sensors on my bike that have always worked in the past.
I use the Cyclops Fluid2 trainer. I am usually lighter, like 200-300 watts with occasional bursts of 500 or so. It seems to have a pattern

of heading up a hill and standing up, or the sprint on the Watopia KOM. Anything else I can help supply to find out what might be wrong?

It’s a real drag trying to hit it hard only to have my avatar get off the bike!

Are you using a USB extension for your ANT+ dongle?

Not really following what you are trying to say.

Yes, USB extension for the Garmin ANT+
Not sure how to make it more clear? I peddle harder, the avatar slows to a stop. This hasn’t happened in the past.
Does that help?

You might want to check the alignment of the magnet on the rear wheel or use a power powerful one.

The only logical reason that your avatar will stop is if Zwift does not receive a signal from your speed sensor.

I suggest checking the following things.

  1. sensor battery, they tend to do that when the battery is almost done.
  2. distance from magnet to sensor,
  3. Position of the sensor in relation to the magnet
  4. ANT+ signal, This can be done by uploading your log file to zwiftalizer

Thanks Gerrie, I will check all those things and see how it goes.I am intrigued (being a tech person) about #4 and will see what it looks like!