my avitar "crashes" every 30 seconds or so...

Hi there- new to Zwift and in my trial period. So I’ve done about 4 hrs on Zwift so far. Once on “just ride” and the other a 2:10 long ride. On each, I’ll be riding along nice and steady, about to pass someone and bam! my avatar stops - speed goes to zero, multiple riders zoom past me, and I have to re-accelerate again. It’s as if I’ve hit an object, except I haven’t.  Happens over and over, very 30-90 seconds or so. I never stop pedaling, the numbers (rpm, power, speed, etc) don’t change, the picture is clear, I’m not losing connectivity or anything. I just lose my position in the peloton. Very disappointing! I know it’s all virtual, but when you’re in the moment, working hard, it’s a real bummer to have the effort not rewarded. Any suggestions? Or is this just the way it is supposed to go? thanks.

Steve Morrow

Sounds like you need a USB extension cable.  It’s just the way it is with Zwift.

I don’t think that’s the problem. I bought the usb dongle you recommended off your website as well as a 6 foot usb extension cord. The dogle sits about a foot from the sensors. Like I said, the data stream from the sensors seems flawless and the same cadence is displayed when the avatar stops. I don’t have a power meter so the watts are calculated from the speed sensor. Both the cadence and speed sensors are brand new (garmin) that I bought just for zwift.