Good thing I got a free trial

I loaded it up and and was having a couple of weeks of fun.  then it started locking up and I’ve spent a couple of wasted hours trying to get it running again.  I’ve deleted and reloaded several times.  It locks  up after syncing with my ANT devices and i attempt to continue to the ride.  too bad.

Hi Fred, 

We’re sorry to hear!! If you can give us more details I’m sure we can help you out. When did you start having problems?Have you changed anything? What equipment do you use? (trainer, sensors, PC, Ant+/bluetooth, USB extension cable) 

Thank you.

Nope. Nothing changed that I know of.  I had been using it fine for a couple of weeks.   5 or 6 rides. Then it just started locking up.


I use Garmin speed, cadence and heart sensors. Speed and cadence are on a Spinner NXT Spin cycle. I chose Rollers as the trainer.  didn’t know what else to pick but it all worked fine for a while. It’s a Windows PC.


Thanks for reaching out!

Hi Fred,

Ok I’ve “good” news and bad news. The “good” news is that the problem is not on your side but Zwift’s side, it’s now a know bug which occurred with the last update. 

The bad news is that we haven’t figure out what causing it yet. However we are working on it and soon have solution. 

I’ll create a ticket for you and we will let you know as soon as we will find out what’s causing this. 

Please accept our apology for any inconvenience.