General feedback after several rides.

(David Sack 50+) #1

I was having Ant+ connection issues. I had to literally put the Suntoo Movestick Mini adapter under the Kickr. I purchased a new Garmin USB stick and last nights ride had no drops at all with the stick 3-4 feet from the trainer. My HRM didn’t drop either. More rides will confirm but I think the problem was the Suntoo Movestick.

Saw at least one rider moving erratically left and right acrossed the road and then jumping ahead. Not sure what was going on there.

I borrowed a more capable computer from work and what a difference in graphics. Now I need to upgrade.

The feed back from the Kickr doesn’t seem to be match the gradient of the roads. I know the effort that I am putting out on a 8-9% gradient is much less that real life. I have my height and weight set correctly. Hopefully this is a beta thing that is being worked on.

Overall, Love it. Most enjoyable time I have ever spent on a trainer. I am already up on my training schedule from last year.


(Eric Eddy) #2

I’m noticing more erratic riders, at least once per ride now. Zig zagging or going in circles.

(David Sack 50+) #3

The solution to my ANT+ issue was getting a Garmin USB+ adapter. The people at SunToo were worth next to nothing trying to help.

(Tim Wils) #4

I’ll post my feedback after more than a dozen rides in here:

Also, same issue with ANT+ connectivity (Suunto Movestick on Macbook Air)

Love the rest!