ANT data dropping in/out of ride

(Merrill Smith ( #1

 Started having issues where the connection to my Garmin ANT+ stops talking to the Gamin 810.  Happened last night a couple of times.  Espaecially frustrating when trying to compete in a race and/or contesting a sprint finish.

Setup is as follows: 

Garmin ANT+ stick

Garmin 810

Garmin 2V power

Garmin hub  mounted speed sensor

PC (windows) running Zwift.

My wife also has an account and experiences the same issues.

THX in advance.

(... david (aka "setuid")) #2

ANT+ is a very stable protocol, and has interference avoidance built into it. Most issues wth ANT+ dropouts are usually nothing to do with ANT+ itself, and more to do with the hardware on the other end. Try the tips in this KB article one by one and see if they help:

Zwift keeps dropping my signal. How do I fix it?


(Phil Leung) #3

I noticed I would get inconsistent connections with Zwift and my Wahoo Kickr on my PC running Windows 10.  Switched to a different PC with Windows 10 but this time plugged into a USB 2.0 vs. USB 3.0 port.  Signal and connection improved dramatically.